Hard To See The Forest...

This is my first post on the forum (or any forum for that matter) so I hope I have started it in the right area for these questions.


Originally started the BPIF plan on November 2, 2013. I am 5ft 5in tall, weighed 230lbs and have an office job with little exercise during the week (except for walking... etc).


Within the last 25 days, I have dropped around 12-16lbs and there is a noticible reduction in overall inches and how my clothes fit. However, I am finding it difficult to tweek things to move forward and wanted some advice - I have been listening to podcasts, utube videos, conferences and searching the site but still have a couple questions.


1.  Would a 1/2 cup of warm water, juice and pulp from 1/2 a lemon and 5000 iud's of vitamin D3 first thing in the morning before my BP coffee interrupt my fasting and attempts to place myself into Ketosis?


2.  The new BP Infographic shows Avacado as both a vegetable and as a carb/fruit.... for the purposes of my meal plan, should I have it only in the evening as the 1 carb/fruit or can I have more than one throughout the day (ie. 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner).


I have uploaded a sample day regarding my meals (November 25) and would really appreciate any critiques that people can suggest - my meals generally don't change from this sample except I will swap the protein source for variety (the vegetable quantity, coffee, butters and oils remain similar).


I thank all that read this and offer constructive insite and critism.


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