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Hey everyone, I'm a 21 year old male trying to optimize my body in spite of having to consistently do heavy awkward lifting and whatnot for a long time.

My typical day starts off around 6 am with 6000 IU's of D3, 2 vitamin c tablets, a b12 complex and my poor mans bp coffee: Maxwell house and a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil. At 9 I break my fast, lately with an avocado but sometimes soft boiled eggs or fruit like an apple or berries or kiwi. And I may have several salads throughout the day with kale and spinach.

In between that I have a horrible sugar/potato chip addiction I battle but anyway my main question here is with the whey protein I recently added to my routine. I read on Dave's blog that some whey protein before bed is good for repairing stuff and since I feel like I damage my body a lot. I found a brand that claims to be from grass fed non gmo natural cows from New Zealand. Am I going to see a performance increase in myself by Havig whey before bed?

And do I sound like I've got my shit together at least somewhat?


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    Considering your circumstances I'd say you're doing pretty well. Potato chips certainly aren't BP, but once you kick those you'll probably be in pretty good shape. Might recommend ditching the vitamin C tablets for a powder or crystal form, but that's a minor tweak. Same with the coffee. Maxwell House is pretty nasty, IMO. You might try looking for something a little better than that, if you can afford it.


    The most worrying part, perhaps, is the "heavy, awkward lifting". That's a bad combo right there. I'm sure you're already quite aware, however I'd advise you to work as slowly and carefully as possible when executing such lifts. Use proper form and whatnot. Avoiding damage to your body in the first place is a much better alternative to getting hurt and trying to fix it through diet. Prevention, prevention, prevention.


    Anyhow, I could see the whey leading to an increase in muscle gain and overall performance. I'm not sure it'll do a whole lot towards healing you up if you fuck up your back/body, though. So exercise some caution.


    Good luck, brah. Your diet seems mostly on-point. A lot of fruit, but since you're apparently quite active, that's probably not a bad thing,

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  • I've been wanting to learn more about the mechanics lifting and how not to mess anything up. Do you know any resources on the net on this? I'm sure there's lots on weight lifting but does that apply to kitchen cabinets? (I work at a cabinet factory so that's the heavy awkward part)
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