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Over the last 16 months or so, I have developed psoriasis on my right hand, and quite recently I have started to get some on my left as well. I have topical cream to put on it a couple times per day (betamethasone 0.1% mixed with Cerave hand cream) but I try not to resort to medication if it's not absolutely necessary.

I have been on the bulletproof diet since March and I'm doing very well in many areas of my life; sleep is much better, my energy is up during the day, and my abs are slowly starting to show. This psoriasis is really one of the only areas that disappoints/worries me.

Has anyone with psoriasis found anything more bulletproof to help with this condition? My dermatologist wants to give me a local injection of some medications to help keep the area under control, but I don't like the thought of that. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.




  • Do you take probiotics? In most cases, Psoriasis, eczema, etc., is caused by unhealthy gut flora or having candida. Just from my expereience from reading about it!
  • FWIW, I've had skin is use my entire life, breaking out periodically in rashes on my hands. I recently saw a who doctor thought it might be an issue with leaky gut/unhealthy gut flora, so he prescribed Diflucan as well as a very strong probiotic. Unfortunately for me, this made no difference in my condition. But it certainly served as a diagnostic: had my rashes cleared up, I would have known that they were indeed caused or at least affected by my gut health.

    I also tried taking low-dose naltrexone for a brief period to see if that would clear it up. No luck there, either! But the idea of taking the naltrexone was to see if my skin problems were due to some sort of autoimmune issue.

    Anyway, these are a couple approaches can try. Best of luck.
  • Hey Ali, thanks for your reply. To be honest, I'm not too familiar with probiotics. Is there a product that you recommend in particular, or perhaps could point me towards a certain type of probiotic? Thanks so much.
  • Personally, the supplements I use are found @ I found him through the Weston Price website. All of his supplements have nothing added which is great and they are of great quality! I have been on them for a few months now and I feel good! They are a bit more pricey than your average products but you only get one body so to me it's worth it! The specific probiotic I use is called Doc's Friendly Flora. I get the liquid as I think it's a better deal than getting the capsules. The liquid is kind of strong tasting but you could mix it with something to mask the taste. I just drink water right after and that works just fine! I definitely recommend as least checking out the website becasue he also has a bunch more awesome products!
  • Bulletproof Exec also sells probiotics through their store at "".
  • I have never written a review previously but I feel compelled to do so for this product. I have slight to moderate psoriasis and this last flare up was the worst so far. I tried all for past 3 months but nothing worked. I generally always try homeopathic first and avoid over the counter BUT!! I was desperate so I ordered this dermalmd psoriasis serum and it cleared up my break out in few weeks!!!

  • Vitamin D. Krill oil. Kombucha. Resistant starch. Sun. Naltrexone.

  • A whole foods based ketogenic diet worked for me but I also ate a fair amount of fermented food. Sun, probiotics, lots of vegetables, stayed in ketosis all of the time (no carb cycling). I've also heard that Tamanu oil is helpful. for me it took about 5 or 6 months to get rid of the psoriasis. Then it came back somewhat after 2 months of switching to a terrible diet. After switching back to ketosis, it took 6 weeks to start to heal, and then quickly went away within a week. For me, once it starts to go away it goes away quickly. It's been gone for about 3 weeks now for me and I can't even really see the spots where it used to be. Good luck....

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    As you're probably aware, throat infections can cause and reinduce psoriasis.

    A couple years ago right after a throat infection, I experienced a full blown psoriasis attack all over my entire upper body, covering a relatively high percentage of my skin.

    I know how you feel, as I was freaked out like crazy. Having psoriasis for your entire life since your 21st birthday probably isn't fun.
    Luckily for me, the outbreak lasted only for a couple of weeks to then entirely disappear without treatment.

    However, I haven't had a throat infection ever since.
    Also noteworthy, the psoriasis formed exactly when I first started experiencing multi-system symptoms.
    Years of hell followed:)

  • ive heard of people using cryotherapy to entirely cure psoriasis. might be worth trying

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  • Check our Eric Berg's You Tube site as he has a video on that. One of his recommendations (other than a ketogenic diet) is Tamanu oil.

  • Try to use skin care products that contains organic ingredients like Vitality26.

  • Vitamin D!

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