Where To Go From Here?

I've just lightly dipped my toes into these waters. Tried Alpha GPC first, felt absolutely nothing. Then obtained some modafinil. Started with a 50 mg dose for a few days, then 100 mg, then tried 200 mg for a few days. Again, nothing but some light headaches. So I discontinued that experiment.


Not sure why I've not responded to any of this so far. Was really excited to try modafinil, figured I'd feel SOMETHING, but alas, no.


Any suggestions on something else to try, or should I just assume I'm a "non responder" and stick with BPC and HRV training?


FYI, the goal was to see if I could just marginally improve brain function, focus, mood, etc...  I don't have any specific issues I felt needed to get better, was just going for overall improvement.


  • <i>Any suggestions on something else to try, or should I just assume I'm a "non responder" and stick with BPC and HRV training?</i>


    No reason to make any assumptions yet, but bpc and hrv are a fine habit to cultivate while you read up on noots and decide what to start out with and what some realistic expectations would be.  I don't know much about specific reading material but if you look around a little bit you should find no shortage of links and references.

  • hza......i'm just wondering if the fact I didn't respond to either Alpha GPC or modafinil in any way suggests anything that clarifies what path I should pursue here. I'm thinking it must, I just don’t know what that is. And I'd rather not randomly just try different things, throwing nootropic mud against the wall and wondering if any of it will stick. Just tried that, wasn't productive.


    Didn't know if there was something like "oh, if you don't respond to those kinds of things, that means X, so try this other thing."

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    Have you tried Raw Vanilla Bean Powder or Raw Cocoa nibs?

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  • I've tried Dave's vanilla powder and cacao butter. The vanilla powder is tasty, can't say I notice any physiological change when I ingest it. The cacao butter is unblendable, even in my blendtec. Just bounces around like a rock. That's a purchase I regret, but ah well.

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