I Ate Mcdonalds, How Fucked Am I?

I was held at gunpoint and long story short- ate a burger and fries from mcdonalds.


How fucked am i?

is my body going to fall apart?



  • Don't think anyone can help you!


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  • I really hope you are being sarcastic otherwise you  have WAY bigger issues than a burger and fries

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    I haven't eaten McDonalds for over 8 years, which means all my cells have regenerated by this time, so technically, I have never eaten McDonalds ;-)


    Seriously, nothing to worry about, just keep on the BP path and try not to do it again!

  • If you're that worried, you could always pop a few activated charcoal caps.


  • i really don't see you surviving the night
  • romansbromansb BulletResistant

    GMOs. Cooked/fried in the cheapest oils legally available. If you ate the bun you may now test positive for heroin. Just supported evil. Gut floras destroyed. Brain fog and food cravings will initiated momentarily.


    Gunpoint? Next time remember you were Bulletproof! ;-)

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  • Gunpoint? Next time remember you were Bulletproof! :wink:


    Boom!! :-)

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  • That depends, did you also have a diet coke?
  • suntouchersuntoucher Uninspired Potential ✭✭✭

    High chance he is in a coma by now.

  • Conclusion: eating junk food like this just isn't worth it, it messes you up for atleast 4 days.


    Thanks for the humourous replies though  :mrgreen: this forum has some cool people on it!

  • I just drove past a McDonalds and was tempted...which is weird because that hasn't happened in a long time. I immediately administered 4 oz of wild salmon and am feeling much more sane. 

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  • I think you'd be more FUCKED if you were shot.


    Just try not to hang out in those parts of the city where Ronald McDonald holds you at gun point and makes you eat a chemical laced burger.

  • I think you'd be more FUCKED if you were shot.


    Just try not to hang out in those parts of the city where Ronald McDonald holds you at gun point and makes you eat a chemical laced burger.


    This is actually a pretty terrifying thought. :???:

  • Whoa wait a minute, don't freak out...okay now freak out!

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    Hit up a local burger joint for dinner tonight. It's got great reviews and my wife really wanted to go. "Why not?" I figured.


    Got two 8 oz patties cooked rare (definitely not grassfed), topped with bacon (conventional), and swiss cheese (fucking scandalous). On top of that, they had unlimited fresh-cut french fries cooked in... Canola oil. Skipped the bun, at least... but now I've got a headache and my stomach is roiling. Ate a lotta fries... bleh.


    I had to laugh; I asked them if they cooked their burgers in anything. "We throw some olive oil on the grill," says the waiter.


    Cooking with olive oil? I should have walked out right then. This diet has made me into such a judgmental douche, haha. On top of that, the guy couldn't wrap his mind around me not wanting a bun. "Wait... so... you don't want a bun? Just... the meat and...no bun?"


    I've been completely gluten free for a little over 2 months now-- the longest period I've ever managed. Funny how the shit oils are still enough to make me feel like a train wreck, even after just one meal. There's really no substitute to cooking your own meals, so eating out will always be a compromise. It's a shame, too. I really used to enjoy going to restaurants.

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