Help With My Chronic Fatigue And High Heart Rate After Meals

Hey everyone, this is my first post. I have been following the bulletproof diet for the past 6 months and yet I still feel rundown most of the time. My concentration is also not what it used to be. Here are my blood test results in case that would help from Oct. 3 2013


Creatinine           88           [60-110 umol/L]

eGFR                     >=90      >=[60 mL/min]

Albumin               48           [35-52 g/L]

Bilirubin                4              [<23 umol/L]

Vitamin B12        1084

Ferritin                 152 ug/L

Sodium                 140         [135-145 mmol/L]

Potassium           4.0          [3.3-5.1 mmol/L]

Chloride               101         [95-108 mmol/L]

Alkaline Phosphatase     [78 40-129u/L]

CK                           91           [<225 U/L]

ALT                         19           [<46 U/L]

TSH                        3.75        [0.35-5.0 mIU/L]

Hemoglobin A1C              [0.056]

Hemoglobin       143         [135-170 g/L]

Hematocrit         0.43        [0.38-0.49 l/l]

RBC                        4.72        [4.2-5.70 x10E12/L]

RBC Indices: MCV            90           [80-97 fl]

WBC      6.5          [4.0-11.0 x 10E9/L]

E.S.R. 11.              [0-15 mm/hr]

Platelets              216         [145-400 x 10E9/L]

MPV                      9.0          [7.4-11.3 fl]

Differential WBC’S

                Neutrophiles     3.19        [1.80-7 x 10E9/L]

Lymphocytes     2.60        [1-3.20 x 10E9/L]

Monocytes         0.52        [0-0.8 x 10E9/L]

Eosinophils         0.20        [0-0.4x10E9/L]

Basophils             0              [0-0.20x10E9]

S.G.        1.011     [1.005-1.030]


pH          7.5          [5.0-8.0]

UBG       3.2          [3.2-16umol/L]

CRP        8.3

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D    84 nmol/L

Calcium Ionized 1.30        [1.15-1.35mmol/L]


Current Supplements:

Vitamin D     3,000 IU


Selenium       100 mcg (started a month ago) -(three times per week with kelp)

Colostrum (2 capsules, once or twice a week)

Siberian Ginseng  

Korean Red Ginseng

Magnesium Citrate      450 mg

Zinc + Copper (once or twice a week)


I'm 22, and I also seem to be suffering from a bit of acid reflux from time to time, but that has gotten significantly better. My CRP is really high, and I don't know what is causing it. Any suggestions as to what I can do to improve?






  • Not the doc on site... but is your Ferritin high? and looks like hypothyroid.... TSH is a bit high....female or male? Weight? Height? Diet?

  • I'm male, 5'8'', 130 lbs. My ferritin is 152 ug/L which is in the normal range. And yes, I'm trying to bring down my TSH with selenium and iodine. Diet is bp coffee, grass fed beef, sweet potatos, rice and grains a few times per week (yes not bp).

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    Vitamin b12, trust me on this one. I have CFS for over 2 years now (I am also 22), and have been obsessed about finding out what causes the problem, since this is not how I want to live my life, and lately I am making big progress. My conclusion so far is that vitamin d, magnesium and vitamin b12 might cause it if the doctors argue they can't find something. Since your vitamin d seems fine, that is not it (that is the one u can see in blood tests afaik). Since you already take magnesium, that is probably not it either. So yeah, only one thing left man. Also since I eat more bulletproof I feel better too, so you might wanna consider that as well. If you google ''ketogenic diet chronic fatigue syndrom'', I still strugle with how often to eat carbs though, since ketosis helps with how I feel I guess. If you want to read more about it, buy the book ''could it be b12?'' It is also important you buy the right forms, so no hydroxy, since your body still has to convert that form and some people have issues with it. Also your blood values might be good, but there might still be a deficiency on cell level. You can take a high dose, as long u drink enough water u piss out. I even went to lectures about this. 


    Start with 3000 mcg methylcobalamin form, 3000 mcg adonesylcobalamin form, and 800 folinic acid. You should notice usually within 6-12 weeks a difference. 


    I swear u mean, even after a few weeks I started thinking clearer again. Obviously I can't promise you anything, but please try it. I felt I discovered a miracle when I finally felt like walking again for a long time.


    This might be fun to watch




    Also I would like to add that it might differ from person to person how much they need. If you feel a bit light headed, u might wanna slow down on the dose a bit for example. I currently take 10mg of both forms and 1.6 fol. acid, and plan to quit taking it after 4 months. If symptoms return, I move back to lower dose. That is what they recommend me at a lecture from a orthomolelair doc who claimed to be an expert in it.



    Please let me know how this goes man, send me a pm if you want so I won't miss it. 


    Edit: dave writes about this too in his supplement guide. Part I disagree with is the hydroxy recommendation, def don't do that. Also one form I take was more effective for brains I believe, other one  body, that is why I take both. Forgot which was for which tbh. I don't know if this is true for sure, but that is what they told me, and they seemed smart to me, and that doesn't happen often lol.

  • I suffered chronic fatigue for almost forty years and really don't want anyone else to follow my path needlessly.  Most definitely get some help to boost your thyroid function. I tried everything imaginable over the years including low carb dieting.  Weight wasn't the issue for me, it was the total exhaustion that I couldn't shake.  Lab numbers just make you a "number" so find a doctor who will treat by symptom.  I finally had to ship thyroid glandular across the border to find my own health.... independent from the medical system.  Once I did that, I went back with proof that I in fact needed thyroid supplementation despite having "normal" thyroid numbers for years. Find a doctor who is prescribing ERFA to other patients.(ask a pharmacist)  I also found out I needed Cytomel (T3) to feel my best, but just a very tiny dose.  Yes, your TSH is too high.  Low thyroid = high adrenaline thus the racing heart. (eat more sea salt) This will disappear when your thyroid feels better.   I tried the iodine thing without results and it's way to easy to overdose.  Oh and the brain function comes back too. 

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    Since your thyroid improves with the bulletproof diet too, do you think this would have helped as well? And how often do you think a refeed is good with CFS? I am in treatment now for CFS with cognitive therapy, so would like to optimize nutrition for now. Also about symptoms, the issue is that it might be caused by a lot of factors like I mentioned before... My thyroid was checked btw already some while ago, that is why I am in cognitive therapy for this, since they can't find something. 

  • If you have symptoms of hypothyroidism, find some thyroid glandular.  It is over the counter in the US.  American Biologics is what I used and six tablets per day is the maximum dose.  Three two times per day, but you need to ease up to that dose if your body needs that much.  Ya, the system would rather brand people with mental disorders instead of fixing the real problem.  I should know, been there and done that. 

  • Did you try iodine too? I am going to take that now.
  • Hey guys! Thanks for all the responses! I really appreciate the feedback. About the Vitamin B12, I had supplemented daily before, but when I got tested, levels were 1084, so I only supplement that every 2 or 3 days now. I'm going to go see a N.D. sometime next week and then I'll consider taking the desiccated thyroid. Insilicio, I tried Iodine too with selenium, not much difference. Hope the cognitive function comes back! I am in a biophysics major and that is something that I need more than anything.


    Also, another thing that I have noticed is that I am getting pain in the right abdominal area (problem with liver maybe?), and again I have no idea what is causing this. Thoughts?

  • From what I did read I did conclude that blood tests b12 don't say anything. Like if its too low u gotta take it, but if its good it doesnt mean u dont have to take it. Read the book I suggested if u wanna know more or google it. My blood levels were fine too but after few weeks high dose I started feeling better.

    Good luck with this man, I know how u feel, it sucks.
  • About ur pain, I have had that too sometimes, can't figure it out either. Def with sugar it is the case, since I took that some while ago (bad idea) and felt it too. It is not high fat, I take a lot now and don't feel it anymore. Also I eat much less protein and pain is less, might have to do with it as well? Also afaik b12 and bpd detoxes ur body so that might explain why I don't feel it anymore aswell. I realize this is not really specific answer but might be something for u to experiment with.
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