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I'm living in SE Asia where Durian is considered the "king of fruits."  It is high in vitamins, minerals, fats, and is said to have numerous health benefits.  I believe it is also said to have a low GI.  Does anyone know if Dave has ever talked about Durian and where it falls on the bulletproof spectrum?



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    Go research the nutrition content of Durian. We don't eat them in the States, presumably because they are "stinky" (I've only seen them on "Bizarre Foods" with Andrew Zimmern).

    I have heard Durian fruit are actually fatty,,maybe closer to coconut or avocado. Would be interesting to know more about them.


  • Interesting.  I've never actually eaten durian, just seen it from a distance at an Asian market.  I had just heard that Durian contained fat.  Maybe it is an "in small quantities" food.


  • Thanks, Jason, for chiming in.  My understanding is that durian has a low fructose ratio.  It definitely tastes more fatty than sugary.  In fact, it doesn't taste sweet at all.  


    Anyway, I'm new to this diet (3 months in) and just figuring out what is BP and not.  I was hoping durian would be an acceptable fruit because it's damn delicious.  I'm surprised that I can't find any record of Dave commenting on it.

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