Raw Sugarcane Juice?

How BP is raw, fresh-pressed sugarcane juice?  I live in SE Asia where it is believed to have numerous health benefits.  I can get it cheap and absolutely fresh (I watch them press it) practically at my doorstep.  





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    I know it's low carb, man.  I'm eating grassfed meats, pasteured eggs, wild fish, vegetables most everyday.  I have a little white rice and/or sweet potatoes maybe once a week.  I've been pretty vigilant with this diet.  That said, I've only been on it three months and I'm still learning the ins and outs.  I'm asking about sugarcane juice because it's something in my immediate environment that is believed to have strong health benefits.  A quick google search confirms those beliefs.  I realize sugar is not on the BP plan.  My question is, how much of a difference does it make when it is raw and fresh-pressed?  If it seems like an ill-informed and amateurish question to you, that's because I'm still an amateur.


    Anyway, it supposedly contains only 15% natural sugars and has a low GI.

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    Yeah, I know it's not on the chart. Neither is durian. That's why I've asked about the both here. I'm very curious to know if Dave has addressed them.

    Both are of interest to me as I become bulletproof because they are plentiful in SE Asia and are regarded by the culture as having numerous health benefits. Sugarcane is of particular interest to me because I make my living teaching hot yoga, which means between teaching and practicing I spend approximately 20 hours per week sweating profusely. Since I've been in Singapore I've used fresh coconut water and raw sugarcane juice to stay hydrated. But I'm also committed to the BP diet, so if I have to ditch the sugarcane I will.
  • http://apjcn.nhri.org.tw/server/APJCN/17/1/35.pdf

    Found this paper on GI of durian amongst other SEAsian fruits, seems to be low, so what causes the 'heatiness' after eating durian?
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