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I ordered the tDCS headset early last week, though the website said there was a back order of up to 8 weeks. To my surprise, I got a shipping notice a couple days later and the headset's in its way. Just in case anyone else was waiting to order.

I'll post some impressions after I have a chance to use it a bit.


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  • Very interested to see how this turns out. I'd love to see how well a Focus headset would work for writing - especially for me, once I start Floating again. Writing pre and post float, both with and without a Focus.

    We shall see. Please keep us updated with test results, immediately, once you receive your Focus. :)

  • I hope to read lots of reports from people using the Focus.  I looked into ordering one back when they were still taking orders, but they won't ship them here.  One of the frustrations of living in Asia is often not being able to buy stuff even though it's made right down the street.  Maybe next batch they'll expand their sales operation a bit.

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    In case you missed it ... a review of the Foc.US

  • Recursive linking... :p


  • Recursive linking... :P

    yeah thanks for spotting that ... I really have issues with posting on this Forum properly now and then :D

  • In case you missed it ... a review of the Foc.US


    So, it's well designed, easy to use and all - but does it actually deliver on the promise of tDCS for you?

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    I'd like to throw out my opinion that although it would be wonderful, I got a change to play with it for a few minutes and, it feels extremely cheap (the plastic) even for the relatively inexpensive price point. The instructions are also vague considering the placement is extremely crucial, but that part could be tinkered with.


    I'm looking forward to hearing actual reviews and more long term experiences.

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  • Tinkertom have you had any success with this?

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