Grinding Cacao Beans In With Your Coffee Beans?

I know a lot of you put raw cacao in with your bulletproof coffee. But I am assuming most of you are putting in cacao powder, and just blending it wih the coffee.

Has anyone actually tried grinding the bean with the coffee bean? I was thinking to maybe do a 1/3rd cacao bean to 2/3rd coffee bean. then just grind them both in my grinder, and brew them like that. Has anyone tried this?


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    Pointless putting them with the coffee beans, they'll get filtered out!!!!!


    I put cocoa nibs in the made coffee and they get blended with the butter and MCT (also some cocoa powder). 30 secs of blending gives you bigger piece, 2 mins of blending just give you a more gritty taste. I love it, especially at the end of the coffee, where you get a nice amount of gritty cocoa nibs at the bottom.




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  • Hey Katolotus. Nice pic there. I know that they will get filtered just like the coffee. I am more or less wondering if you could brew coffee with ground cacao beens AS WELL as ground coffee beans. They have a lot of simliarities, but my guess is that the roasting highly differentiates the two. Cacao beans have a high fat content naturally in them.


    Looks like someone is already making chocolate coffee, called Choffy (its just roasted and ground cacao beans):


    Im still thinking a 1/3rd to 2/3rd cacao bean to coffee been grind would be quite good.

  • I just tried this and googled to see if anyone else had, and found this old thread.

    I'm sure you can adapt it for bulletproof. I just ground a bunch of cheapish expresso beans with a few raw cocoa beans, about 5:1 coffee:cocoa and whacked in a cafetiere and poured after about 10 seconds with added whole cream milk, about 1:4 milk:brew, and no sweetner of any kind.

    So the coffee bitterness is less, more smoothed and rounded, but still there, and there is a hint of raw cocoa flavour. Obvious effect really, but it is sensational! The cocoa flavour is sublime and subtle, complementing the coffee like no other flavour I've ever had - not at all like mocha. This is due to the cocoa beans being raw. Maybe roasted would be good too, but I think the combination would be more similar, less dynamic, more towards mocha.

    Hope my attempts at flavour description makes sense, but just try it!

    I'll definitely be experimenting further with combinations of this, let me know what you think :)

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