Serrapeptase For Scar Tissue Removal

I've heard Dave mention his high dosage of serrapeptase multiple times on the podcast, however the only prescription I've heard him give is '100 pills a day is probably not a good idea for most people.' I have a lot of scar tissue and an enormous amount of trigger points and knots from biomechanical issues and muscle imbalances from years of sports and injuries. I go in for massage about once a week and I'd like to assist the scar tissue removal as much as possible. Any recommendations for maximum effectiveness? Also, do you recommend taking it right before a massage to aid in scar tissue breakdown?

Thanks in advance!

- Ian


  • i have a similar problem & have been trying serrapeptase for the last few weeks. i would say don't expect anything huge. it's an exciting concept though & i imagine that it could be powerful in certain situations. scar tissue isn't one dimensional though.

    consider some physical therapy. i have paid for lots of bad physical therapy but once i found the right therapist i realise that its an essential piece of the puzzle. shop around before commiting. my physical therapist does something called Graston technique that is all about removing scar tissue. look up that & A-stym if you're interested. lastly you should be foam rolling & using 'the stick'.

    indispensable for plantar fascitis:
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    KMARV are those balls much better than regular tennis balls?
  • they are the shit. i have had plantar fascitis for the last year. people post about lacrosse balls for whole body massage. i haven't tried them but id like to. but for the foot nothing compares to that overpriced spiky orange ball.
  • Thanks Kmarv! I'll definitely have to check out the Gaston technique. I've only tried deep tissue and it helps, but I have some areas that haven't improved at all over years of work (and probably won't ever completely go away). I love the Stick, and I recently moved from the foam roller to a Rumble Roller for my legs and back - it's incredible! I'll be picking up a pair of set of the spikey balls as well!

    Out of curiosity, are you sticking with the standard dosage from the bottle or are you using larger doses?
  • i just toss a few down whenever it comes to mind & ive got an empty stomach. mine are 40k units. i would reiterate that you ought not expect too much but who knows you may be a perfect candidate. i could be more consistent but to be honest i haven't noticed much at all after two weeks. ill finish the bottle but probably not buy it again unless i have surgery or something acute. scar tissue may not even be an issue for me.

    also check out PRP & prolotherapy. ive tried class IV lasers which work a bit at healing nagging stuff but after 10 treatments the price/results seem to be less impressive than PRP. PRP, which i havent tried really seems like it addresses the root of the problem.

    what are some of the treatments you've experimented with & what sort of injuries are you addressing?
  • I have some really cool news to report on serrapeptase dosage for muscle adhesions, and hopefully somebody else can use it.

    A little context: I'm in the same boat as Bcraft, unbelievably ridiculous amounts of trigger points in my back for about 7-8 years (dozens), due to muscle imbalances and resultant skeletal imbalances (I need breast reduction surgery but can't afford). It's been painful just about everyday for years.

    Two weeks ago I bought 120,000 IU enteric-coated Doctor's Best Serrapeptase, and started taking one on an empty stomach in the morning, and then 3 before bed, for a total of 480,000 IU a day. A week ago I added a 2,000 FU capsule of Nattokinase to that routine in the morning and at night, because I read about it working synergistically with the Serrapeptase.

    Meanwhile, I stepped up my deep trigger point massage routine with my Homedics quad rolling shiatsu massage chair, doing that at least several times a week.

    Today, for the first time in a while, I tried using my foam roller again - and omg, I can feel far, far fewer adhesions moving around under my skin. The difference is startling. Obviously, the pain has been a lot less these past few weeks too. I'm also noticing greater shoulder mobility.

    After two weeks!

    I'm considering upping the dose even more until I finish out this bottle, just to good and get the issues resolved, and then stay on a low-ish maintenance dose in subsequent bottles.

    One caveat for people - this really does thin your blood dramatically. The littlest cut and you bleed like a mofo, so you have to be careful. Other than that, no side effects at the dosage I've been taking so I feel good about upping it.
  • Would love to know the dosage that Dave was using
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