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I'm not exactly brand new to this since I've been drinking bp coffee for about a month now and have tried to follow the diet, but like the title says I'm in college (live in a dorm) and am having some trouble. I've stalked the forums quite a lot since I spend hours reading through it, but I need some personal advice in terms of food. I get its not expensive to be BP, but without being able to cook for myself or have grass fed meat etc I have limited options. I'm about 160 5'9" but eat A LOT (may need leptin reset advice as I can eat 2 pounds of beef at once in order to get full). So here goes


Breakfast: 9am I invested money in a keurig (best I can do..) and mini blender and typically have bp coffee with kerrygold (mini fridge) and now mct. my only supplement as of now is d3 which i have 10k IUs at the moment. i'm still hungry after this but nothing unbearable. on workout days I have bcaas until about 2pm.


Lunch/Dinner: 2pm- 8pm here's where it gets tricky. constantly available are: sushi, ham, turkey, roast beef, hard-boiled eggs, veggie patty, processed grilled chicken patty, chicken stir fry, salad (spinach, black olives, olive oil etc). I typically go for stir fry during dinner because it has the most vegetables, and lean chicken is as good of a protein source as I can find. occasionally there's salmon or tilapia but I don't trust food- court fish. I could bring kerrygold with me and have it with the stir fry. pretty much my question is which of these is best, and am I better off having hard-boiled eggs with oxidized cholesterol and whatnot or lean chicken and vegetables with some fats after the fact.


Snacks: I have grass fed whey but that's post WO mostly. i can't drink a protein shake and feel full. almonds were always a favorite of mine the but the omega 3-6 ratio is bad I hear, I have powdered peanut butter (pb without all the unsaturated fat- not a great choice but more bp than regular pb), sunflower butter (, quest bars, coconut oil, ghee, coffee and tea. also have stevia in the raw but apparently the extra ingredient kicks me out of ketosis.


Pretty much here are my questions:


1. Dave said for non grass fed meat I should go for lean cuts. Would I be better off having grain fed chicken with some coconut oil after or grain fed beef when they have it?


2. Of the snacks, which are most bulletproof? Also have access to Udi's GF bread, kashi crackers, rice cakes (MY WEAKNESS), greek yogurt if need be. I know these all sound like shit but it's all I can do. Snacking in my room is pretty much inevitable. I feel like rice cakes with sunflower butter can be a good carb option. I have access to a wal mart as well so any advice about what to "snack" on would help.


3. any other MUST USE supplements? I feel like quality whey, amino acids, mct oil, d3 run up to a good price so not sure what else if anything


  • 1. Beef  2.  Rice cakes are too high glycemic  3.  B12


    Are the kashi crackers GF?  Avocados are good for snacking....all you need is a knife and spoon.  Eat more sea salt and you won't crave so much snack food.  Eat more quality fats and your appetite will settle.  It does take a few months on BP for things to normalize.  The more you cheat the longer it takes.

  • A thyroid supplement (aka iodine) may suit you well. 

    In college, it took me about 3 months to get normalized to the diet. Be patient, and don't be too hard on yourself. 

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    1. Red meat always over chicken

    2. Avocado's, 85% dark chocolate or above, Raw nuts (peanuts are not a nuts)

    3. Magnesium at night to help you sleep, read up on magnesium on the forum. A high quality fish oil or krill oil, also on the forum, just search for more info. If you're on a budget I'd say just get the magnesium, it's not expensive.

  • I thought it was always red meat over chicken but in podcast 4 or 5 dave mentioned lean chicken being better than fatty beef since the fat isnt the really good for you kind. avocados aren't very accessible but they're pretty much my favorite food in the world so I'll stock up on those at some point..i also heard nuts aren't very bulletproof. if they are then great because i love walnuts etc. if rice cakes are high glycemic but i control myself and fight the cravings from the spike would they be okay? lol im sorry i just really like them..kashi crackers are not GF but does that mean udi's/quest bars are a go because they are? i'll invest in magnesium cause I'm taking melatonin dots to sleep atm I got them for cheap and they work but not sure how good for you they are. also about hard boiled eggs should i just avoid those or is the high fat content still worth it?

  • Nuts aren't that bp but they're better than rice cakes. idk i used the contact form and asked if grain fed beef is healthier than non pasture fed chicken and they said it was.

  • hah true true..thanks a bunch I really appreciate it!! these are my first posts ever so it's nice to know people are willing to help on here. amazon here we go

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