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  • I've been saying this a lot, and I'm not sure what your sex life is like.. but consider what Dave and some others (including myself) have done / are doing - 30 days of holding off on ejaculation. I'm on day 15'ish, and I'm finding that I'm becoming a LOT calmer, more focused, able to get more stuff done. And energy.... stable energy. More perky mood, higher creativity, general well-being improvement.

    Your testosterone spikes up, and balances at a higher level once you hit day 10'ish. Then things just become a lot more awesome :) Stoked to see what happens closer to day 30!! :D 

    Definitely recommend it.

  • Tian Chi and/or a serving of Natural Calm Magnesium work great for me. 

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    What's a good brand of L-Thenine or does it really matter?



    As long as you get Suntheanine it doesn't matter what brand.

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    As long as you get Suntheanine it doesn't matter what brand.


    agreed. i take one capsule before my morning cup of BPC. life-changing. i reap all of the benefits of increased focus and energy without the racing heart and anxiety i had before.


    i use the now foods brand suntheanine 100mg, i believe.

  • I use Theanine that I bought from Liftmode (I don't work for them and have no affiliation).  It's not "Suntheanine", but that doesn't matter (I always carry around Jarrow caps, so I'd know if there was a difference).  I put 200mg my BPC just about every day.  You'll save a bunch of money using the powder.

  • I use Liftmode L-Theanine as well and it definitely works.

    It's all relative.

  • Do you take L-Theanine first thing in the am or when you break your fast? I work out in the morning and don't usually eat until after the workout around 10am.... but feel anxious immediately upon waking..... should I take it first thing or with food?

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    Personally, I take it 3x per day. It's best to take L-Theanine with caffeine, if you consume caffeine, because there seems to be a synergistic effect. Indeed, that is how L-Theanine naturally occurs in tea, but in much lower levels. In general the recommendation is 200mg L-Theanine to 100mg caffeine. I take it with caffeine and without, and its one of the first things I take in the morning.


    This is a really good resource talking about the studies:


    It's all relative.

  • Literally toss the powder in the blender with your BPC - I do 200mg, but play around until you have a good mix.

  • Your body uses up a lot of magnesium when you're stressed (ie: finals week). Doubling to 2 800mg doses most def helps (I use 3x200mg bisglyc and 1x200mg citrate). Also take melatonin 1hr before bed to get deep sleep. Cheers

  • I know it's not a supplement... and I've mentioned it before, but I feel it's very strongly worth mentioning (I came from a float earlier, so i'm in zen mode).


    Deep Breathing. Slowing down. Using your own body as a tool, and connect with it. Yes, it's great to take supplements for stress and anxiety, but when it comes down to it, YOU have a LOT of tools readily available. Nose breathing, sitting/lying down, deep slow breaths into your stomach. When you do this, it actually gives you physiological benefits, as well as psychological benefits.

    Breath. It's a powerful powerful thang. Don't underestimate retraining your own nervous system.

  • Yep. Walking and deep breathing are so powerful, especially together ;)

    Thanks for the reminder. I think I'll go take a walk outside later today. And speaking of walking outside... consider, if you can, going out to nature. Nature is verrrry calming. Especially if you're surrounded by electronics / city life constantly. There's a reason why parks and 'the lake' are so awesome. We're creatures of nature. Animals, essentially. Trees and plants and stuff are super good for us. Consider even getting some live plants for your home, if you don't have some already. The air exchange that they do can be very calming.


    Environment can have a huge effect on your mental / physical state.

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    I just spent the day with my lady in the woods here in Austin. 


    IMO, some level of stress and anxiety are caused from a nature deficiency.

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  • anxiety can result from an excess of glutamate in the brain. Glutamate is the dominant excitatory neurotransmitter and is a precursor of GABA which is the dominant inhibitory neurotransmitter.  The key cofactor for converting glutamate to GABA is vitamin B6. Inflammation from gliadin antibodies (gluten sensitivity) can interfere with the conversion as well. There is usually a corresponding excess of ammonia and a deficit of glutathione. Various cofactors are important to the methylation cycle.


    Raising glutathione levels via the supplementation of NAC (N-acetylcisteine), vitamin C, selenium and niacinamide supplements is preferred as cisteine is the rate limiting amino acid in glutathione production - if it is deficient ammonia levels will rise. It can also cross the blood brain barrier - glutathione cannot. Epsom salts for the magnesium and sulfate also helps. Additionally supplementing with l-citrulline helps to drive the urea cycle and clear the ammonia.


    Glutamate in excess is excitotoxic so reducing it's levels is essential for the long term health of the neurones. 

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