Allergy Shots

I have been recieving allergy immunizations for the past 6 months, and was informed by my allergist that it could take years for them to be effective. My question is, what is the bulletproof opinion on allergy shots? Are they good because they reduce the response to allergens like mold and ragweed, or bad because they are extremely unnatural, mess with the immune system, contain toxins, etc?


  • Wao man, excellent desicion on having those allergy shots. It will take about 6-18 months to see results but overall, awesome. What they do is desensitize your IgE response and switch it to a less problematic IgG response.

    That is one of the best desicions I have ever made. I had such bad environmental allergies, I was stuck sneezing every morning. I was allergic to almost every environmental shit around, and to some foods like wheat, corn, soy, red kidney beans, etc. After about 2 years immunizations, everything was better and now I rarely sneeze.

    I believe that allergies play a role on behavior and in overall state of health. And I believe many people are very allergic to what they eat and the food basicly becomes a toxin. Combine that with mycotoxins, and you have a disaster date.

    By no means allergic shots are extremely unnatural. They are not messing with your immune system, but instead teaching it why his reaction is wrong. And no, they don't contain toxins because they just dilute the concentration you are less sensitive in sterile water and inject. For molds for example, you are introduced a microfraction of the protein of the mold that would trigger an immune response, to help you change that to a normal response. It is not the toxin of the mold though. The toxin is a separate stuff.


    Clownfish 8-)
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