Bp Mocha - Chocolate Powder Or Cacao Butter?

I heard Dave mention this so thought I'd try adding some chocolate to my coffee but I'm not sure which one to use and how much.  Do I buy the cacao butter and just sub that in for my grass-fed butter or make the BP coffee as normal and just add the chocolate powder before blending?  Oh, and I guess I need upgraded vanilla too....do you just sprinkle that on top or mix it in too?


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    There's 100s of threads on adding to Bulletproof coffee. Ideally buy the upgraded cocoa powder and add to taste just before blending you usual bulletproof coffee.


    Other than that, there's loads of stuff you can add or change for taste. But the basic of good coffee. GF Butter and MCT oil remain.


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  • I just throw in one or two lil' squares of Lindt 99% along with the grass-fed butter.

  • I certainly agree that there are 100's of posts about BP coffee.  Problem is I searched through 5-10 pages of results and didn't really find what I was looking for so I just posted the question myself.  I think I'll just order both the powder and the cacao butter and try Jason's idea to see how it tastes.  Thanks for the help everyone.

  • I use a little bit of both. This is actually my BP Coffee (more of a mocha)...




    MCT Oil

    Raw Cacao Powder

    Raw Cacao Butter


    Nutmeg (small sprinkle)


    Perfect cup. Go easy, you can get quite a head rush form high quality raw chocolate and high quality coffee together (especially if fresh roaster). The theobromine and caffiene combination goes straight to your head, and you can feel it. Theobromine is a powerful a vasodilator (a blood vessel widener), and when mixed with caffiene, you will be buzzin!


    Use dave's cacao, or another company in Canada called Giddy Yo Yo. Both are low in mycotoxin like Daves Coffee. The cacao butter just gives it a little more creaminess and has many health benefits as well.

  • Interesting combination Dusty.  Pretty much what I am going to try (ordered everything yesterday) except I hadn't considered cinnamon (or nutmeg).  How much cacao powder/butter and cinnamon do you use?


    I'll have to play with it and see what combination I can come up with.  I usually try to watch out for vasodilators though because depending on how strong they are they tend to aggravate my heartburn.  But I doubt theobromine would have enough to cause that kind of effect.  

  • Hey Karl,


    I don't actually do measurements, everything is to eye and taste, and depends how much coffee i am making.  Definately do not forget the cinnamon, as it is the best part IMO. If you add cacao butter, you can probably sligthly lower the grass fed butter and the MCT oil as you may find it to oily in general. The nutmeg is just a small sprinkle, that is the one I put the least amount in with. The above combo really is delicious though.

  • I forgot Karl, that I also add vanilla as well. I would make a regular BP coffee first. So you can taste it on it's own, and then start experimenting by adding in the other agreements.

  • Oh, I do BP coffee every morning so I'm quite familiar with the taste.  I use 30-40g of Kerrygold butter then add 1 Tbsp MCT and 1 Tbsp of Brain Octane.  The only thing I do different is I don't use the Upgraded beans.  I use TONX coffee subscription and get fresh roasted beans every two weeks and I like the variety.  I tried the upgraded beans once but didn't notice any difference.


    Do you add the vanilla at the end and just sprinkle it on top?

  • Hey Karl,


    Yeah I am learning more and more that a fresh roast is almost THE most important componant here. I am looking to start home roasting asap.


    I add everything in to the blend except the nutmeg. So along with the butter, mct etc.. i put in the cacao powder, cacao butter, cinnamon, and vanilla and blend it all. Then after blending there is a nice froth, and I sprinkle a small dash of nutmeg into the froth.

  • I just made BP coffee with 2 teaspoons of Green and Blacks cocoa powder (cheers katolotus for the tip!), waiting for my vanilla powder to turn up - but WOW what a fantastic difference !!!!

    I was feeling nauseous just smelling the brew before, now it tastes absolutely lovely :D  

  • Interesting, thanks for the info Rob.  I ordered Dave's cocoa powder and cacao butter over the weekend but I guess shipping is slow because it's not scheduled to be here until Monday of next week.  But looking forward to trying the combination of the cacao butter, chocolate powder, and vanilla with my BP coffee.

  • Karl -


    There is a really great website - znaturalfoods - check it out. I bought a 1lb bag of Organic Cacao Butter for under $20. The butter comes in small "discs". I have been experimenting with adding it to my BPC. If I add 2 to 3 cacao butter discs (5g or so) with the standard bulletproof coffee recipe, I find it to be a very pleasant, mocha tasting BPC (you wouldn't think so, based off of the size of the discs, but, they are pretty potent). I am also a proponent of cinnamon and add this to my BPC a lot. I add the cacao butter and cinnamon just before I blend. Good stuff!

  • Tried it this morning with 1 Tbsp MCT, 30g butter, 15g cacao butter, 2 tsp chocolate powder, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, and maybe 1/4 tsp vanilla.  The verdict?  Not too bad but I can't taste the coffee.....lol.  I suppose I shouldn't be surprised but all I can taste is the chocolate :)  So I'll do this once in a while but definitely not every day.  Now I just have to figure out what else I can use the cacao butter in.....

  • Experiment with the rations, put some more coffee to chocolate, but yes the chocolate is powder extracted from the bean (i.e., concentraded), the coffee is a watered down brew (not really a full decoction) so  you will certainly taste the chocolate more. You knwo the other day i had everything out to make a BP Mocha, and just decided to drink the coffee black with nothing in it, to have a nice taste of it. Good to mix it up. But, seriously with high quality cacao and fresh high quality coffee, the caffiene + theobromine combo is on par with taking cocain lol. You literaly are buzzing from it.

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