Lemon Juice And Ketosis

I've been doing the BP IF during the week with great success. I drink my BP coffee for breakfast. I have been wanting to add fresh lemon to my water during the morning hours (I drink a lot of water). 


Will drinking lemon juice with my water take me out of ketosis or do any other unintended consequences that I'm unaware of?


I'm 5'11", 185 lb, in relatively good healthy shape just trying to be BP.  




  • Jason MillerJason Miller Mother nature isn't stupid mod

    Lemon juice in water is one of the green zone beverages on the infographic, loss of ketosis will depend on the amount used, the only way to test properly is to use a blood ketone monitor, you may have to weight the worth.

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  • Ok thanks Jason, much appreciated. I'm thinking a moderate amount is ok but not too much probably because of sugar content. 

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