How To Make A Bulletproof Swimming Training Program

So I used to be a competitive swimmer but retired about 4 years ago. After not swimming for a while I lost my 7% body fat body and become a bit flabby. Once it got bad enough I started scouring the internet and came across the whole paleo movement and people like Mark Sisson. This also lead me to the book Body by Science. All this new knowledge that I had never even heard of while swimming competitively blew my mind and I always had the feeling in the back of my head of getting back into competitive swimming but using all my newly found research to see whether doing it differently could actually work. So after the recent Olympic games I decided this has to be done and am now about two weeks in.

So far what I am doing is this:
  • Eating a primarily paleo style diet, actually just printed the Bulletproof diet infographic out and will start following that.
  • One high intensity gym session a week where I do a couple exercises that target main muscle groups, all one rep to failure.
  • Three high intensity swimming sessions a week where I'm only in the water for a maximum of about 45 minutes, doing a small warmup followed by a main set of short (50m) sprints with an easy 50m in between each sprint.
  • I've also included 30 minutes of slacklining to strengthen my core and help with flexibility.
  • Getting enough sleep everyday, basically waking up without an alarm clock, and I also made sure my room is completely dark while I sleep
  • Measuring my performance in the gym and in the pool to see whether I'm improving.

So this is it so far. I basically just discovered the Bulletproof site a few weeks ago and the forum today. Still reading through all of the info, there's so much.

So yeah, if you think I can improve on my training program please let me know. I'm open to try anything
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