Avoiding Dry Mouth After Bulletproof Coffee

Hello everyone, I am new to the Bulletproof executive world.

I've never been much of a coffee drinker but I have been enjoying the taste of bulletproof coffee so far.


My only complaint is that I seem to get dry or cotton mouth, really bad from it.


Does this happen to anyone else?


And does anybody have any suggestions for me to help over come this?


I am currently about 50-60 lbs overweight and am trying the bulletproof lifestyle to not only lose weight and get back in shape. But I am also about to start going to school for my Masters degree and need to hack my brain as well.


I know the coffee is a major part so I don't want to have to eliminate it from my routine.


Any help and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Grateful for another lesson learned.




  • I also get really, really REALLY dry mouth, and not just from BP coffee as I'm using others as well (it's a bit too pricey for me in the UK). I wonder if it's the MCT oil as I've not experienced this before.

    So I just ensure I always have water with me, quaffing about 3 litres of the stuff I think :D

  • I occasionally get a bit of cotton mouth. It seems to happen regardless of the kind of coffee, I'm wondering if it's an effect of the butter and MCT.

    It isn't bad at all, doesn't really bother me, good reminder to drink more water.

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    I've had this - you might find that its not the coffee but the fasting that is doing it. Try not having anything for breakfast, even BPC, one morning and see if you still get it.

  • GarrettGarrett
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    Drink water when you wake up. ~1 litre upon awakening, with 1/2 tsp of sea salt. Your body is dehydrated when you first wake up. It's been out for 5-8 hours, with nothing going into it. Put water into it.


    Putting BP coffee into your body as the FIRST thing you do is not doing it any hydration favours. So give it water :) Wait 15-20 mins.THEN drink BP coffee.

  • I also get horrible dry mouth from Bulletproof coffee. I do not think it is dehydration, as if I drink regular coffee this does not happen.

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