Raw Sweet Potatoes --> Toxin

Hey BPers,


Is there something in RAW sweet potatoes that could cause one to experience a negative reaction?


  • Did you eat raw sweet potatoes? Did you experience a negative reaction? If so, what reaction did you experience?

  • Allergy to raw but not cooked is not so uncommon. If the potato is exposed to light it produces a toxin as well.

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  • I have no issues occasionally juicing a raw sweet potato, but I would not eat them. Raw or lightly cooked...make sure to eat them towards the end of the day. 



    Apparently cooking sweet potato is not necessary, though, cooked or raw they should be double peeled (skin+down to the bright orange) to drastically reduce/eliminate mold filaments.



    Thanks for the tip, Jason. I usually eat everything except the skin. I will start doing a thicker peel. It is difficult because they are so dang hard. 

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  • I usually go with my gut instinct and the idea turns my stomach.  And ur talking to someone with a stomach of steel.  I can stomach a lot of really gross foods but not this.  I eat dehydrated green plantains if I want some RS starch.

  • BrianHKerrBrianHKerr Quantified Biohacker

    I've enjoyed eating raw sweet potatoes quite often... it was a staple for me for awhile.  I experienced no adverse side effects... I do have a very strong immune system - but I did not notice anything like I would from inflammatory foods.

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