Post Amalgam Removal Supplement Critique

I had my filling replaced on the 3rd December and am feeling much better with the occasional weird day.

Im using the following supplemebts to help detox...

6:30am. 1ml Glutathione Force.

7 Am. With my BPC;

- Vit. C. 1g

- Vit. E. 400iu

- Vit. D 7000iu

- Cod liver oil cap.

13:00 with lunch (typicaly 2/3 lamb chops and brussels);

- Vit.C. 1g.

- B complex

- Green tea extract.

19:00 post gym Milk based Shake Comprising of;

- 40g Whey

- 5g Chlorella

- 5g Spirillina

- Creatine 1g

- lucine 5g

- Glutamine 6g

- NAC 500mg

- MSM 500mg

20:00 Dinner, usually an omlate with lots of sprouts and a bit of white rice. I use 3 garlic cloves most days.

- Zink 30mg

- Fish oil 4 caps.

- Glucosamine + condroitin

22:00 Bed time. ZMK 3 or 4 caps.

Im thinking of doubling the 2 vit C dosages but my main concern is with the Vit.C interfering with Chlorella's mercury binding action, does anyone think its worth only supplementing with C first thing in the day, or have I left enough time here?

Does anybody see anything I could do without or perhaps add?


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    Would activated charcoal help?


    Also, not to do with the fillings, but omelettes involve cooking the egg yolks which oxidises the cholesterol in them. Oxidised cholesterol is actively unhealthy, so other than for special treats, you should try not to cook the yolks.

  • Yeah, good shout, ive got some charcoal, ill try adding it in to my mid morning.

    I'm also going to add more Glutamine before the charcoal.

    And I always separate the yolks and just swalow them staight away.
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    Would love to bump this thread and probe for some more info here. I am in the process of having my amalgam fillings removed. I have a lot of them! I am having them removed by the quadrant.


    Any recommendations on detoxing?


    Try this supplement.

    *not to be confused with modafinil


    Thanks and happy detoxing!

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    I just downloaded "Cure Tooth Decay" by Ramiel Nagel. It seems to be quite a good book with a lot of detail about this. You can buy the book or d/l the PDF from a certain online bay of downloading ;-)


    Its definitely worth a look.

  • I have my first of 4 appointments to remove my fillings next week.


    My new dentist is proud to label himself as "Mercury free for 20 years".


    I will ask him if there is a detox protocol he suggests and report back.

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    Make sure he uses one of those rubber sheets that they poke the tooth through, and have a vacuum for sucking up any fumes/vapour from the drilling.

  • I have my first of 4 appointments to remove my fillings next week.


    My new dentist is proud to label himself as "Mercury free for 20 years".


    I will ask him if there is a detox protocol he suggests and report back.

    You wouldn't by chance be visiting Dr Messerman in Beachwood Ohio would you?

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    Found this place in Sydney - this is the kind of facility people should be using for amalgam removal:

  • Is there a way to get dental insurance to cover the cost of amalgam removal?  I have a number of fillings from my teenage years that I would love to have removed.  

  • Dental insurance will not cover the amalgam removal, however the dentist I visited took pictures throughout the whole process, because of this he was able to show that I had decay underneath my previous fillings so he invoiced the decay and refilling as a separate line item which my insurance did cover and I was left with much less of an expense.

  • Sounds like you have a pretty great dentist.  I will have to mention that method to my dentist, if he doesn't bring it up.

  • Ok, so I just wrapped up my first amalgam removal session. I am doing it in quadrants so three more to go...


    The dentist did a fantastic job. 


    They started by placing the rubber sheet over my teeth which blocks the debris. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but, in the end, I was thankful for it.


    Next, they turned on the vacuum which looked a lot like an air filter. They placed the opening of the vacuum right next to my mouth.


    I was given oxygen through my nose, covered with a blanket, and given safety glasses.


    The dentist and the hygienist both wore respirators and full protective face plates.


    For what its worth, it was a great experience. I wish I wouldnt have had to do it in the first place...


    I asked the dentist for an recommendations for supplementation, and he first suggested that we finish the remaining amalgam removal before we start any detox. In the mean time, he suggested eating cilantro and taking glutathione. He told me that he eats a handful of cilantro every day, in a salad or in a blended shake.


    Hope this helps with the rest of you. 1 quadrant down...

  • Thanks for sharing your experience! My dentist had the same recommendation about detoxing, he did however add that Selenium should be something to consider supplementing with as it binds to Mercury and can help in the production of glutathione. I get my second quadrant done on Thursday and have to say that as weird as it sounds I can feel an electrical difference in my teeth that have been completed, I also notice that I had a very metallic taste in my mount that has dissapated in the quadrant I had completed. Can't wait to have it all out!

  • try the ProAlive active detox probiotic. The microbes will scavenge the toxic metals.

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