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    Any one tried Milk Thistle for the liver. Heard it's good in a few places. Not sure how you'd know as I'm still unsure of what the signs of liver stress are.


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  • Hi RadiantLux,


    I've done many Liver and Gallbladder flushes.


    PM me and I can send you the pages/instructions you will need

    from the book below.


    If you like some really weird stuff, I'll also send some pics of the

    stones that came out of me.


    ----Yes, I love bio-hacking myself----


    Finding good instructions on the 'net is not always easy.


    The protocol I followed was from the book:


    "The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural,

    At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body" by Andreas Moritz.  


    I did feel better after it... clearer, lighter, more focused.


    The one thing that Andreas Moritz suggests is to do it almost every 6 weeks.


    I have NOT done this.  


    My feelings is that it's quite stressful on the liver and if we are eating

    BP, then the need for this would be limited.  


    If I really needed to cleanse, and I had some very chronic and/or severe issues,

    I would do this.  


    I highly recommend scheduling a colonic post-flush.  

    You don't want any of those staying or getting stuck in you. 


    I'm comfortable giving myself enemas, but a colonic is worth it.  


    Talk Soon,




    P.S. The protocol suggests taking 1L of apple juice a day for 5 days...

    This might sound like a lot of fructose compared eating BP.  


    You can circumvent this by buying malic acid at a wine making store.


    I made my own apple juice by buying organic apples and juicing them.

    Green apples are best and highest in malic acid.  

  • I'm gonna try this out. I'm on RFLP so maybe I'll replace one of my days with this protocol  and see how it goes.

  • Any one tried Milk Thistle for the liver. Heard it's good in a few places. Not sure how you'd know as I'm still unsure of what the signs of liver stress are.

   for some is a filtering system, so effects can be anything, really. This author claims everything from loss of eyesight to heart palpitation since youth. Eastern medicine says the filtering organs are the ones truly responsible for aging us, so the better we take care of them, the less the effects of aging.

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    I just had an idea: could you eat something alongside the oil, like activated charcoal, that if the stones are made in the gut, would end up inside the stone? If that would work it would be a good test.
  • Sam: Keep on trying, you might be really blocked.  


    Gilroy: Awesome to hear of your improvements!  


    ThatStevenBaker: Not sure about about the activated charcoal...


    But it might be a good idea.  


    It doesn't get absorbed anywhere so it might be beneficial.

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    It might adsorb some toxins while its there, but the idea is using the charcoal to debunk whether or not the stones are already in the gallbladder or if they are created in the stomach from the oil and salts.

    If you get one of the stones and it has black powder all through it inside and out, then since everything went in as a liquid and got mixed up, the stones must have been formed from the oil. If there is no charcoal inside the stone, then either the stones were already there, or the test was not sufficient :-D

  • If you are going to do a liver cleanse then consider doing the parasite and kidney cleanses here first:

    I havent tried it myself but a lot of these cleanses seem to come from Dr Clarks work and I think thats what she recommends,

    Reading about her work on parasites has been really interesting for me :).


    I did some calculations on the costs and the parasite cleanse will cost about 50$ with ingredients sourced from iHerb while the kidney cleanse is something like 90-100$.


    So they are a bit more expensive than the liver cleanse and the kidney cleanse also takes about 3 weeks so maybe just do the liver cleanse unless you are really committed :).

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    How much is the black walnut stuff needed and that sleep supplement? Pretty expensive for me and seems not neccesary since other methods don't use it.


    Edit: Nevermind, decided to buy them to be safe. 

  • Here I am again. Black walnut tincture was not available, sleeping stuff neither. Will do it without the black walnut stuff and take GABA instead. If any guys have comments please let me know within 23 hours, otherwise you are too late lol.

  • I've had much better cleansing with Aloe Ferox products by far.  For sure Milk Thistle and Dandelion are great liver boosting items.  I also think harsh "cleanses" just clam the liver up.  So more gentle ongoing rotation of cleansing herbs would be my approach besides eating clean. 

  • I have done Hulda Clarks liver cleanse MANY times. At least 20 times. I am a 50 year old female, began doing them when I was severely ill 10 years ago. This flush is one of the things that has saved my life/health. You do not need the black walnut or ornithine to do this and get amazing results. It is the timing of the epsom salt drinks, and laying down immediately after drinking the olive oil/FRESH pink grapefruit combo. I always laid on my back, and could feel the liver beginning to empty the crap. Felt like small marbles/gas bubbles coming from my liver. I always had a lot of energy the next day, due to my liver being so messed up. I also had my gall bladder out 26 years ago. (like an idiot)

  • Thanks. So my cleanse is over now, without the black walnut and ornithine. Slept like a baby. Didn't go to the toilet yesterday either after starting the Epsom salt. This morning first I was afraid I didnt have to go to the toilet but after a while things started going smooth. Took a bit of extra water with himalayan salt though, since I was afraid I didn't have enough fluids in me. I did wake up not feeling too great, curious how it is tomorrow. There are some things I did wrong like eating bad stuff the day before, so will def do it again in a few weeks with the perfect circumstances. I did do it with lemon juice fwiw, and high quality olive oil from Italy (mom will kill me if she hears I used 250ml of that haha).

  • Yeah feeling better today. Pretty special. Will do it again in a month. I start to feel more and more that my body is ''just toxified''. Explains why a lot of stuff I do helps or is bad for me.

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    i have the worst liver. ketogenic gave me jaundice. doing everything dave prescribed except the flush although he did say it does rid the liver of "lipophoric toxins".


    fortunately a sluggish liver does create a craving for hot drinks and like someone said, circling the pro-liver herbs, eating clean and being patient seems wise.


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