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    I'm glad to hear people reporting that they have tried with positive results. I was interested in the liver flush when Dave mentioned it in a video and said that it felt like "someone took out an axe from between his shoulder blades." I'll try anything but my first priority is knowing that I can't irreversibly do harm and I those gall stone scared me. I'm happy to hear that no has experienced any bad side effects from this.


    As for the working mechanism, my limited understanding and rumors is that its causing a bile dump of your gall bladder and the bile mixture hardens in the intestines preventing reabsorption in the enterohepatic circulation. It's like an oil change assuming to rebuild your bile stores. ?

  • How to determine if the stones are actually liver stones/gallstones or if they are just made up as a consequence from consuming the conconction?



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    If one has gall stones then they can be potentially expelled.   You can have common bile duct stones (as they leave the gall bladder).  The vast vast vast majority of people don't have hepatic/intrahepatic stones. You can easily see stones (gall, bile duct) on certain imaging tests (namely MRCP for all stones and ultrasound for gallstones).  


    Still, I'm tempted by this liver flush (and also kidney flush).   

    Has anyone had good luck from doing a pre made liver or kidney flush that you can buy (just for time, convenience sake)?


    On one of the early podcast Dave recommended Andreas Moritz's book titled "The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush" (I lost the link since the website was re-organized).  The protocol he put in the better baby book post link in an earlier post is very similar to Andreas Moritz's book, although there are key differences. 


    I have tried the flush according to Andreas book two times, with limited results (between 5-10 stones).  Although after drinking the mixture I could something moving around internally.  In addition to the flush protocol he also recommends doing a kidney flush with a specific blend of herbs.  I feel the kidney tea has done a lot of good.  My urine has a horrible smell after drinking the tea, and the dark circles under my eyes have slowly started to go away (under eye appearance is one indicator of kidney health in traditional Chinese medicine).  I will try the liver flush again after I complete another 30 days of the drinking kidney tea.  Below is a detailed summary of his protocol.


    It would be very interesting to hear Dave's take on the difference between these flushes, the existence of stones in the liver, and if eating fat, dairy and meat  products effect the outcome of the flush (Andreas Moritz was a vegetarian and asserted that ingestion of fats would make the flush much more ineffective - I did drink bullet proof coffee and did not eliminate meat except the two days of the flush).




    Apple juice - six 32 ounce containers (or 1 liter). or cranberry juice (both

    contain malic acid which is the key to softening the stones)


    Epsom salts (or magnesium citrate) - 4 tablespoons dissolved in 24 oz of water

    Extra virgin olive oil - cold pressed - 4 ounces


    Either fresh grapefruit (pink is best) or fresh lemon and orange combined - Enough to squeeze 6 oz of juice

    Dietary considerations beginning on day 1 of the flush: 

    avoid foods or beverages that are cold or chilled

    try to minimize food from animal sources, dairy products and fried food, don't overeat.

    He highly recommends getting a colonic before and after the liver flush to

    avoid getting the gallstones getting stuck in your body. 

    Day 1-5: drink apple juice through out the day except just

    before, during and two hours after meals.  Don't drink in the evening


    Day 6: drink all apple juice in the morning.  Avoid

    sugar, sweeteners, spices, milk, butter oils, yogurt, cheese, ham,

    eggs, nuts, pastries, cold cereals, alcohol and similar foods.  Fresh

    fruit or fruit juice is ok.

    Eat a light breakfast (he recommends oatmeal) and a lunch of

    rice and steamed vegetables w/unrefined sea/rock salt.  Do not eat or

    drink anything after 1:30 p.m. or you will feel ill and have

    difficulties passing stones.

    1800 - drink 6 oz of epsom salt/water

    2000 - drink 6 oz of epsom salt/water

    2145 - mix olive oil and grapefruit juice (remove pulp from grapefruit).  Shake/mix until watery


    2200 - STAND next to bed (don't sit) and drink without interruption. 

    LIE DOWN IMMEDIATELY!  Lie perfectly still for 20 minutes and try not to

    speak.  Go to sleep if you can.

    0600-0630 - drink 6 oz of epsom salt/water

    0800-0830 - drink 6 oz of epsom salt/water

    1000-1030 - can drink fruit juice.  30 minutes later eat fruit.  1-2 hours later eat light lunch. 

    Drink water whenever you are thirst except approx 20 minutes before and 20

    minutes after taking epsom salt/water.  Avoid drinking water from 2130

    until 0200 (you can drink water if you must except from 2130 to 2400 -

    two hours after drinking olive oil/grapefruit juice mixture). 


    He does address some of the criticisms floating around

    the internet.  The most significant reference he provides is the medical

    terms for the stones is "intrahepatic stones" or "biliary stones".  He

    also states that conventional medicine discovered the existence of these

    stones, and cites John Hopkins Medical Institution.  If you search for

    "intrahepatic stones" on John Hopkins website, you will get multiple hits.  Most of

    the articles are reference to gallstones, but he implies in his book

    your liver has similar types of stones, and no one is looking for it.  I

    did not have the time to investigate further. 

    His very basic thesis is your liver is built for cleansing/detoxing

    the body (2nd largest organ in the body), and these stones build up and

    block various ducts in the liver, causing a variety of different

    diseases/medical conditions, depending on what ducts the stones are



  • Interesting.  Have you tried both ways?


    I have done Hulda Clarks liver cleanse MANY times. At least 20 times. I am a 50 year old female, began doing them when I was severely ill 10 years ago. This flush is one of the things that has saved my life/health. You do not need the black walnut or ornithine to do this and get amazing results. It is the timing of the epsom salt drinks, and laying down immediately after drinking the olive oil/FRESH pink grapefruit combo. I always laid on my back, and could feel the liver beginning to empty the crap. Felt like small marbles/gas bubbles coming from my liver. I always had a lot of energy the next day, due to my liver being so messed up. I also had my gall bladder out 26 years ago. (like an idiot)

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    I've done a few times liver flush, but I am not sure it's not a spam?

    High fat diet is not supposted to be heavy for liver?

    I know people with gallbladder and low fat diet helped them,
  • I'm thinking about trying the liver flush. Im hoping it may help with 2 symptoms that have become worse lately. Hot flashes and skin rashes.

    Would love to hear feed back from anyone that already did it.


    Some worthy points are made in this article. Use of the word 'detox' may be misleading in many cases.



    You can circumvent this by buying malic acid at a wine making store.


    I made my own apple juice by buying organic apples and juicing them.

    Green apples are best and highest in malic acid.  



    How much malic acid? Like if I were to use 800 mg capsules of malic acid, how many would I want to take per day leading up to the cleanse day?

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    I have also been curious about a liver cleanse but my head is alwasy spinning with what direction to go.  I think I'm initially leaning towards the cleansing herbs/clean approach some others have mentioned.


    Has anoyone looked into Livatrex from Global Healing Center?  Not crazy about Dr. Group but I think some of the products look pretty good.  He sells Livatrex and also a full Liver Cleanse kit.  The full kit is geared towards clearing stones out.  I was thinking the conservative approach of herbs with Livatrex.



    From the instructions:


    Pour bottle into 1 gallon distilled water and add 2 ounces of raw organic apple cider vinegar. Drink four 8-oz glasses daily between meals for 4 consecutive days.




        Wildcrafted Borotutu Bark

        Organic Yellow Dock Root

        Organic Dandelion Root

        Wildcrafted Chanca Piedra

        Organic Greater Celandine

        Organic Chicory Root

        Organic Milk Thistle Seed

        Organic Turmeric

        Organic Peppermint Leaf


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    I have done it many times during past 3 yrs, passed many stones.     I did not feel big difference until 3 months ago, I noticed huge well being, softer skin, the difference on how I feel before and after the flush was like day and night.     I believe it is due to I finally moved out the moldy water damaged building and my environment is finally less toxic, so my body is able to start to heal.  


    Therefore, I am able to start to notice and see the result of liver flush as it starts to flushes out mycotoxins in my body and not getting filled up by the toxins in moldy environment again.   


    In fact, I am getting ready to do one tomorrow.  =)    

  • Interesting, i have mold experiences too. How did it go?
  • About 10 years ago a doctor friend recommended an herbalists website that carried a product called Stonefree from Planetary Herbals.  It is easy to find almost everywhere now, but not then.  The herbalist's protocol was to take 5 tabs three times a day for about three months.  This supports both kidney stone and gall stone removal, gently and gradually.  For persons experiencing acute symptoms she had some additional recommendations.  We did use the product as she instructed and continue to use the product since following the instructions on the bottle.  It also helps with water retention.


    Mold people, add chlorophyl to your diet.  Sources: Alfalfa, Chlorella, blue green algae,  Alfalfa alone can help during a flare up. 

  • Ok, so I started the flush last night. Need to drink my last dose of Epsom salts/ water in about 1/2 an hour. I actually ate normally leading up to the flush. I don't really drink fruit juices due to the sugar content so I skipped that part. Maybe next time I'll just eat 1 apple a day leading up to the flush or take the malic acid tablets. I didn't have any stones until the 4 th time in the bathroom this morning. After that there were only 2-3. So maybe I would get more stones with the added malic acid.

    The one thing I'm worried about is the amount of Epsom salts for my size. 4T of Epsom salts are recommend for everyone. Whether 100 pounds or 400 pounds. I'm 120 pounds and I'm considering diluting or not even taking the last dose of Epsom salt/ water drink. I'm already pretty "cleaned out" and it's not even 9 a.m. yet. I decided to drink my usual morning spring water with sea salt so I don't get dehydrated.

    Anyone else think it might be wise to decrease the amount of Epsom salts for anyone my size or smaller?
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    Ok, so I thought this was interesting. I am 48 years old and have't had my period in 5 months. I just figured I was starting menopause. I actually got my period the day after the liver flush. The amazing part is no cramps, no hormonal headache, no back aches.
  • Thought this was an informative article regarding liver flushes. Benefits of coffee is also discussed. (With references)
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