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  • If you do a lab analysis of the stones that come out of a liver flush, they are usually made up of the olive oil that was swallowed. There needs to be something that will dissolve the stones. Traditionally this is some kind of acid, lemon (citric) or malic acids. The olive oil is there to stimulate bile production and epsom salts to dilate the sphincter of Oodi so the stones can pass out. Still, I think that chanca piedra works better than the traditional flushes and since no olive oil is taken in, you can be sure that the stones you get out are really stones and not just saponified olive oil.

  • @Miamaya said:
    Check out book or videos with Andreas Moritz /smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' />

    I am actually getting ready to do this this weekend as I'm having issues with my detoxing organs. nothingmajor, just mild symptoms telling me something needs cleansing. I will report back my results.

  • @Jeremy Gollehon said:
    My wife and I did the flush a few weeks ago. 

    It was interesting.  If nothing else it definitely flushes your bowels.  :)


    The detox was originally made popular by a semi-crazy woman named Hulda Clark.

    Her instructions are on the web in many places but I found this to be the best because it has inline notes from the editor with research tied in.


    There are many books on Amazon touting the same protocol.  I read a ton of reviews/experiences for this one before sending my wife and I down this path.  At the end of the day I figured it couldn't hurt so we gave it a shot.  Isn't that what any good biohacker would do?

    Did you and your wife use the apple juice prior to cleanse or one of the other options? I am choosing one of other option....cleanse drops with chance Piedra herb.

  • @SamanthaLou86 said:
    I am part way through a full fast detox retreat and had my liver flush yesterday. I Felt rotten and did not leave the bathroom all that much (TMI?!). But feel great today. I have not led a very bulletproof life in the past and my poor liver has taken a beating. Some of my liver enzymes are high and I get pain, particularly after a heavy night out! Fortunately since moving towards a bulletproof lifestyle these are few and far between. And will certainly be even more infrequent following this detox! Today I feel much lighter, have no pain across my right side and it just feels more comfortable lying on my right side as if it feels smaller somehow? Ha.

    I would like to continue liver flushes at home. The protocol calls for a colonic before and after. Has anyone not done this and have you experienced any issues? I'm having 2 Colema's a day at this retreat and don't think I could even think about another for a while 😂

  • What colonics do you use the day before and after the cleanse?

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