Shipping Costs To The Uk

I just got a massive shock from Parcelforce in the UK. A recent large purchase of Bulletproof goods is going to cost to over Â£500 to clear customs. The goods with shipping were just over Â£300 to buy from the Upgrade store.


The import VAT is Â£343. This just seems insane. This means a £300 order will end up with a final cost of +£800. I have done some reading and found these links that try explain how VAT and customs is worked out when importing into the UK.


1. Questions about the tax and/or duty you've been charged?

2. Postal packages imported (arriving) from countries outside the EU


Have any others in the UK had to fill out a: BOR286 - Customs Duty and/or import VAT relating to imports by post form?


Did HMRC work out the VAT correctly on the goods you imported?


I'd like to see what HM Revenue & Customs values each Upgraded Self item so that I can see how they worked out the 20% VAT charge.


That was a shock to the system today to see that.


Any help, hints, tips etc... from the community would be appreciated.



  • Try import Duty & Taxes Calculation found here:

    Was looking at importing a barrel of MCT but after all shipping and tax added with insurance set at just $10 it came to a negligible saving so shelved it. Like you, was stung when ordering some supplements from the USA. You have to watch out as some sell the goods with taxes inclusive and others don`t. Pays to ask them about their setup.

  • Got good news today. After submitting the BOR286 form to HMRC thay have sent a letter back saying they are refunding £428.38 of the import and VAT charges. The problem was USPS had listed every item as $249 from the Bulletproof® Total Upgrade Kit. Going to have to test again if USPS has fixed that issue on my next order as I haven't ordered again because of this issue. #BulletproofUK

  • In order not to more money on shipping, it's important not to mix up your postal code. British postal codes are easy to check on So, next time when it comes to delivery supplements, don't forget about this resource.

  • Thanks for noting this

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