How To Prevent Tolerence To Coffee?

I've been drinking a big bpc twice a day for almost two months now, and the effects are definetly starting to fall off.


any special protocol we should be following?


haven't ever heard dave mention about caffiene tolerence but its definetly a big real thing.


  • Some ideas I've had success with: (my n=1)


    1. Make sure your sleep is great no matter what

    2. Make sure you don't have adrenal fatigue


    3. Quit caffeine - make BOC from decaf for a week

    4. emWave every day and/or meditate

    5. Add Theanine to your BPC (between 200-400mg)

    6. Instead of the 2nd cup, go for ALCAR

    7. All green side of diet when I'm worried about caffeine sustainability

    8. Don't skip morning D3 or evening Mg

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