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  • I'd have to dig for some pics.  I was quite stark grey before but now have several different colors happening, including a little grey, blonde and even some reddish brown.  It looks like I streak my hair actually.  I will get some pics of this for ya.  This return of hair and even eye color happened with a recovery from more than 40 years of total exhaustion.  I spent most of that time in bed and wishing someone would just put me out of my misery.  Finally I got some help but not from the medical system in Canada.  I started using Thyroid glandular out of the USA until Canadian Customs gave my shipment the royal boot.  Interestingly I was able to take it for over a year before this happened so I could proudly march to "a" doctor hoping I picked the right one to help me finally.  I'm currently using ERFA but am finding the BP protocol is reducing the need for this too.  So maybe it's been dietary all along!


    Thanks for sharing this additional detail, Parker.  How long since you started to turn things around with the Thyroid glandular?

  • One full year, but that was before Bulletproof (August 2013) and now I've noticed I don't require as much glandular to feel well....albeit ERFA is an extract as opposed to the Freeze dried stuff from the US.  I'm off to a wedding and will get some pics happening next week when I get back.  Cheers to great health.   

  • As a woman, I really don't think there is any way to regain the pigment in your hair. If there were, that would be a billion dollar industry and would not be a secret. Take it from someone who has to get the evidence covered every 3 weeks :-P

  • If you're firmly decided on changing it, I'd go with He Shou Wu (also known as Foti root), as others have mentioned and make sure it's a high quality one.


    And secondly, people who take food grade diatomaecous earth report having their hair color return.


    There are others, but these two will likely give you the bigget bang for your buck.


    Truly, though, think on Mav's comments. You may feel a lot more confident and generally awesome if you own your grey hair, and let others be jealous of you, rather than wanting it other way around.


    All the best to ya!

  • I started going white, not grey in college. Much later in life I discovered I had a severe copper deficiency. Since correcting that, my hair color has been returning gradually. It doesn't happen overnight though. It took about 6 months to notice a difference. I doubt I'll ever regain my color completely or even 70% but the improvement I have seen is encouraging.

    My personal blog :

  • I haven't really looked at it - it could be! I've read somewhere in this forum that someone did the numbers and the 5 herbal supplements that make up Protandim are roughly the same price as just buying it. The extra benefit is in the special ratios of each herb, so based on that, does it matter if its an MLM scam? Unless the product doesn't actually contain the herbs it says it does, I don't think it matters.

    I am aware of a young fellow who was unable to finish high school due to being bed ridden.  He'd been in an accident but had recovered for a few years and suddenly the worst headaches started happening.  Despite all kinds of testing through the medical system and endless bills for natural treatments and advice nothing touched his condition.  He was bed ridden for at least five years or more as far as I know.  Within a week of taking Protandim his symptoms are almost completely gone.  In the past I've even met with the family to try to offer some suggestions so I'm very interested in following this story. 

  • Pantothenic acid is said to help.

  • I started to see a little grey at my temples last year when I was in a major stress situation. My acupuncturist thinks the stress messed with my gallbladder?? Well, things have calmed down, and most of the grey has gone away, too. I'm surprised. FYI I'm on most of the supplements Dave suggests.

  • Does anyone have any experience with the drug PABA? 

  • I read in the book "Green for life" by Victoria Boutenko that her husband had greying hair and he drank green smoothies for a few months and his natural hair color came back. Read the book and it will tell you why.

  • why not just save everyone the time/trouble and tell us.  Seeing how you already read the book, why not help out your fellow man.

  • why not just save everyone the time/trouble and tell us.  Seeing how you already read the book, why not help out your fellow man.

    I will have to reread the book as I have had schizophrenia for close to 27 years which causes me not to retain a lot that I read.

  • Bone broth seems to help many people. 

  • So, I got an email recently about this new product that does not cover over gray, but returns your natural pigment back to what it was. Right now they only have it for brown and black hair.

    Looks promising. I use organic color (all Nutrient) so I may try the HairPrint instead of getting a touch up. My hair is only about 5% gray but that is enough for me to want to cover it up.
  • I realize this is an old post topic...and I don't have much gray hair on my dome but my whiskers are more white than brown. I just saw a few different articles that colloidal copper has made a big difference for many people. Also magnesium oil is another that has reports of helping to stop graying.
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