Newbie In London

Ok so I have been reading and listing to podcasts about this Bulletproof lifestyle/diet/upgrade lifestyle until I was blue in the face and even my London-cynical self has decided to give it a go with the start of the new year.


But putting my cynical hat back on for a minute, I am finding the products #1 difficult to find, #2 expensive and would like to know if there are any Brits here who have managed to go 100% Bullet proof and still manage to pay their mortgage? Also, where on earth do you find "unsalted" grass-fed butter in the London, let alone in the UK? It is true that you can find kerrygold pretty much everywhere but I have yet to find an unsalted version. Being a foodie and coffee lover, I do like to try different cafes across town and many of these places produce fantastic brews i.e. Monmouth coffee shop anyone?


I really like the clean, wholesome aspect of the BD and it is great to see what David Asprey has done by purifying his products so as to give our digestion a break and get exactly what you need and also understand that he has a business to run. But, until his products are widly available in the UK and given the current revolution in organic, locally sourced foodstuff as well as the quality of British beef and lamb, how bad would it be to go for local, organic alternatives?

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