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Alright so a few weeks ago I got my fiance hooked on BPC! Whew, what a win! She is feeling happier, her skin looks better, her friends are noticing... all is well... except yesterday we used the last of our Upgraded Coffee!  :shock: We have some on order but Upgraded Self hasn't shipped it even though it was ordered nearly a week and a half ago!


So, obviously life couldn't continue simply going without so being a regional manager for a chain of Dunkin Donuts I happened to have a bag in the pantry. My first thought is "hey, at least the flavor will be very similar as Dunkin Donuts has a pretty light/medium bodied roast".... so I am now drinking the last of my typical second cup of bulletproof coffee... and... I don't notice even the slightest difference in taste, quality, state of mind... anything! At less than HALF the cost of Upgraded Coffee I am seriously considering switching.


Has anyone else had similar experiences with other varieties / brands of coffee? Obviously I have no plans to switch to Folgers to save money but at $80 for a 5lb bag I am not sure I can justify the expense after my experience today.




  • I have a very similar experience.  I tried several bags of Upgraded Coffee with no noticeable changes.  I currently get my bags fresh from Cool Beans in Marietta, GA.


    So here's some reasons:


    1.  You're just not that sensitive to mycotoxins.

    2.  This batch of Dunkin coffee is low in mycotoxins (I don't know their process).

    3.  You have some other sensitivity that is masking any response to coffee.

    4.  I don't know the response time, but it may take you several days to realize the effects of the Dunkin coffee.


    Just some examples I could quickly come up with.


    Even though I don't buy my coffee from this site, I do buy my MCT Oil.  I feel that it is about the same as the NOW brand, but I feel a responsibility to throw Dave some money to keep this site up and running. 


    Bottom line, if it works for you and you're happy, go with it!


    Hope this helps.

  • I agree with Jason, even locally roasted coffee at the shop where I talk to the head roaster ends up inconsistent.  Obviously if it works for you go for it. If I'm out of upgraded self coffee, I'll substitute as well, but it never seems to be quite the same. Possibly a placebo effect? Sure but in the end it doesn't matter to me, I just go back to bulletproof coffee as soon as I can and like the results.

  • I agree bulletproof coffee is consistent.  I unfortunately ran out and purchased the most expensive single origin organic coffee locally, and I am typing this with a nice headache right now.  


    Could this be a placebo?  Sure.  But the headache is certainly real. 


    Yeah it is really hit and miss, I purchased what I thought was good coffee (single origin, organic, blah blah) and felt great, then the next bag I got gave me a terrible headache, almost like a histamine reaction.  I'm sure there are others, but the upgraded has been very consistent so far.

  • MusicMusic Music is Math

    I've definitely noticed a difference. 


    Dunkin Donuts coffee that was preground would make me pee a different smell and color.  Also it would make me pee often and I would usually have a caffeine crash a couple hours after having it.


    No good.

  • Thanks for the replies everyone.. as excited as I was at the possibility of saving almost 50% on my coffee expenses I can't agree more with the notes about inconsistency. While my coffee tasted great and I felt no adverse affects the first day, my fiance had a headache and got jittery from the Dunkin Donuts coffee and I noticed having to pee right away the second day I tried it. At least now I have confirmed my reasonings for the additional expense.

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