Cleanest Places To Live In The U.s.a - Toxins, Radioactivity, Pollute, Chemicals, Waves, Other

What are the purest cities to live in the US of A?


- Nuclear power plants

- Coal power plants

- Landfills

- Chemicals, pollution

- Mercury, uranium

- Mines

- Nuclear testing grounds

- Military weapons storage or base

- polluted water bodies

- Fukushima oceans (california)

- Pesticides and dirty farming

- Bad waves, like broadcasting stations

- Power lines


- OTHER! (what are they?)

Compelled to:

- Cleanliness

- Human friendly

- Pure

- Light

- Healthy

- Fertility promoting places

Who else is interested in this stuff, for life extension. For making sure we arent cheated of a good, maximal lifespan on the time we have on this beautiful planet Earth.



  • Three Mile Island in PA :-P

  • Planet earth is not what she used to be. That's why forums like this even exist.  I try not to think about any of the toxins and just do my best to eliminate them and not have them in me in the first place.

  • radiation from fukushima just hit the west coast (last week?) and will continue to move east.  a friend of mine (who has a geiger counter) is considering moving herself and her young son to new zealand, the last place it will hit.  high levels are still leaking.  the whole planet will see very high levels eventually, so i think we need to focus more on healing ourselves and making ourselves bulletproof, and engaging some serious creativity for neutralizing radiation.  chernobyl has been taken over by wildlife, which i find encouraging, though i don't know how much mutation is present.  cancer of the thyroid seems to be the biggest short-term risk of high-level exposure, which makes iodine especially pertinent.

    here's an interesting suggestion:



    i think getting happy and avoiding the tendency to succumb to fear is equallty important

  • Actually, I find Washington and its outskirts pretty clean. When I was here I didn't experience problems with health. Although, the city is so big you'd better always have a map close at hand. And it could happen that I was lucky with a district I lived in.

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