Toddlers And Sunscreen

I was wondering how everyone deals with toddlers and sunshine? What are the best sunscreens? Do you allow your kids to be exposed to the sun without any sun protection for 5-15mins do allow them to start producing natural vitamin d?

I live in the Philippines but coming from England my child has fair-ish skin type.

Thanks for any help in this subject


  • Dave RaelDave Rael
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    my kids aren't toddlers anymore, but i'm interested in thoughts on this too, and think it's relevant for kids of any age.  in the midst of a snowstorm at the moment and i probably won't be seeing the sun today, but this is a good question.


    i don't put sunscreen on my kids unless we are committed to being in the sun for more than an hour.  my wife is different and more into the orthodoxy of putting it on them all the time.  i haven't looked at which are better than others, as my wife has typically bought it.  every time it comes out i wonder how terrible it is, but haven't thought about it at a time where i had a chance to think it through.  1 of my 3 kids is fair-skinned, redish hair, and particularly susceptible to burns, so i might put some on her when i wouldn't on the others.


    i do push them outside when they get into a mode of just wanting to look at screens and don't typically put sun protection on them.

  • A useful invention would be a patch that is placed on peoples skin which is exposed to daylight. The patch (like a band-aid) color codes how much UVA/B the body has had and how much time before needing to get out of the sun or applying sunscreen. 

    I guess the issue here is really about balance - healthy amount of sun vs getting burnt.

  • DustyKDustyK
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    We get our kids out in the sun as much as possible, without sunscreens, unless exposed for a lnog period of time. I actually go out in the summer most days shirtless and make my kids to the same. Supplemental vitamin D does not compare to getting it from the sun. Of course be sensible and don't subject them to burn. But don't buy in to the dogma that sun exposure is bad. Our species evovled in the sunlight, and it is the soul source of nutrients for every living thing on the planet.


    Gradual exposure provides many health benefits aside from Vitamin D which is the most important, and starting them early allows them to build a tan and tolerance to sun exposure. We have friends whos kids are nearly transparent. I don't know if a ray of sun has ever hit their skin. I wouldn't say they are white.. they they are borderline transparent. Covered all the time, or caked up with cheap crappy drugstore sunscreens (providing more harm than good),and they are sick all the time. I have tried to reason with them, but it doesnt work. Our kids are outside all the time, tanned, happy, and healthy.


    For prolonged exposure, go to EWG and view their ranking of tested natural sunscreens for safety. They have a very, very extensive list. You can view the dangers and benefits of literally nearly every sunscreen every produced. Pick one of the safest ones from that list, and use it on your kids during high or prolonged exposure. 

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