Thoughts On The New Airscape Cannister?

So I'm sure like most of you, I got the email that Dave is introducing a few new tech products, including this cannister:


They talk about it being good for storing coffee beans, but it doesn't have a CO2 valve, and every coffee bean cannister I've seen has one. Is something genuinely "airtight" really appropriate here?


I'm confused.


  • I use a container that allows me to evacuate the air with a pump.

  • I've recently purchased 2 of them and am currently storing my coffee in one. I will Update in a week or so about that quality of the beans if you are still interested.

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    I use a container that allows me to evacuate the air with a pump.

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    I posted about this canister a while back. The canister is by Planetary Design originally. They say the lid has a one way valve, which forces air inside the canister out. They don't say if any CO2 build up is also allowed to pass through the valve specifically. It more focuses on the fact that the valve will not allow any air to get to the beans once the lid is in locked in place. I have been using mine for months now and haven't noticed any degradation to the beans I have stored in it. So, I am happy with how it functions.

  • I bought one when you mention it! So mines not got the Bulletproof Logo :-( 


    Not actually used it yet as I've been away. It's a little large compared to the glass one I use at present.


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  • I bought one when you mention it! So mines not got the Bulletproof Logo :sad:



    got any bulletproof stickers? when you order from the upgraded store enough you can pretty much turn everything in your house bulletproof. 

  • My commode is Bulletproof!

    I just got the airscape container at work.  It seems the one-way valves in the plunge lid will also any co2 to vent (laws of physics at play here).

  • I have 3! One for BP beans, one for BP whey powder and one for BP cocoa powder. They seem to work just fine to me? I'm very happy with them.
  • This is Just like the BP Travel Mug He "introduced" I have been using this for over a Year,bought at Williams Sonoma...all that said it does work well unlike the Mug 

  • I don't know what your slight is there, I love the Bulletproof travel mug, I use it daily

  • yeah, I bought the Contigo travel mug on amazon, I think it's the same thing Dave rebranded on his site. Works great.

  • The seal on Mine failed after a few months

  • we've had two of 'em for about 4 months now, both are working great, no issues.

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    I remember someone in another thread complaining to Dave about how expensive the Upgraded AirScape Canister is.


    Well, on Amazon, they sell the same exact canister (sans the Bulletproof Logo, of course) for the same exact price..


    It's $24.95 for the one on Amazon


    Dave, by comparison, is selling his for -- you guessed it -- $24.95.


    The reviews on this product are crazy good, by the way.

  • Been using the canister for about a week now. Seems to work great, and love the fresh smell of beans every morning when I open it up.

  • I do not believe there is any one-way valve in this product. The valve is either open or closed depending on the position of the handle. If it was indeed a one-way valve (allowing escape but not entry), you'd have to be Bigfoot to get the lid off, as you'd be creating a partial vacuum inside as you pulled the lid up.

    This is pretty deceptive advertising, IMHO. Now it's possible that they have configured this somehow so that the valve allows egress at any air pressure, but entry only at relatively high external relative pressure (which would be generated by pulling up). However, at this price point, I'm not convinced that the valve has any such intricate design, and nowhere does Airscape hint of such a design. So while it does a good job of evacuating air when you close it, if you're degassing coffee, you're still going to need to "play it by ear", leaving the valve open for a few hours at first perhaps, and then closing it later. Again, I highly doubt this valve has any one-way properties at all.

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