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Hey guys,


I thought I would drop by on here and add a few bits of wisdom for fellow bulletproofers.


I have been happy and successful on the bulletproof diet for little over a year now. About three months ago my acne got horrible! I was always breaking out on my face and my skin hurt.


After NUMEROUS AND PAINSTAKINGLY narrowing down foods that I eat on basis, I narrowed down the culprit to be eggs, specifically industrial eggs. Now, I know these are a no no according to Dave but I ate them anyways. I ate about 4 eggs a day, every day, for 2 years... I believe I just developed a food allergy to them. I am freaking pissed off because I love eggs. I have layed off for two weeks now (pun intended) and all my acne has gone away.



I thought it was the cocoa or stevia I had been using. 




  • Haha, similar story  here!. Turned out the "pastured" eggs I told my mom to buy for me weren't really pastured but industrial! Anyways, I eat 1 or 2 raw eggs after dinner along with some 85% lindt and after finishing the carton of the industrial ones I got this weird rash all over my cheeks. At first I thought it was because of the frequent egg consumption but now thinking about it it must be the bad eggs causing the problem.

  • I am sensitive to eggs too.  It's unfortunate, because eggs are delicious and just an all-around versatile food!  

    I make ice cream with coconut milk instead of egg yolks.  If you ever need eggs for a recipe, ground flax or chia seeds work (better than that nasty starchy egg replacer).  Those aren't optimal, but every once in a while, a little flax is okay.


    I haven't eaten eggs in quite some time, but come to think of it, my skin is quite clear these days.  I don't know if that's from giving up eggs, dairy or wheat, or possibly all three.


  • Something like this happened to me as well. I was not suffering from acne, but every morning after I would eat, about an hour or two, I would get REALLY TIRED - let me tell you my breakfast always consisted of eggs (or egg whites, like 1-2 cups worth, ha!)... I never thought twice that the eggs could be causing this, however, then I got an allergy and intolerance test done (again) and it told me that I do indeed have an egg allergy! My doctor told me that symptoms include lethargy and a light bulb went off! So I have officially been off eggs for a year! 

  • It really sucks, doesn't it? I've been off eggs 8 months now, but I don't get as many stomachaches. I may have my NP do another food sensitivity test in six months or so and see if the sensitivity has decreased. If I do add back eggs, it will be very judiciously.


  • RekaReka ✭✭✭

    I eat lots of industrial eggs, and some organic free-range whenever my father sends me. So far so good but I don't eat them everyday, it's rather like five eggs for 4 days every week then 3 days off eggs because I'm scared of getting an allergy, it would suck. Worked so far.

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  • @Reka Do not be scared of eggs! MOST people tolerate fresh pastured eggs just fine.... some of us are less fortunate.


    All of it is real strange to me though... Years ago as a former bodybuilder, I would eat around 16 conventional eggs a day (most egg whites). I never suffered from allergies then which is weird!


    I have been egg free for two weeks now and I haven't had this clear of skin in years! .... I do miss that runny golden yolk though :(

  • Ugh whenever I eat raw eggs I get an irritated bloated stomach. Too bad that's about the only way I like my eggs - raw and mixed with some melted 85% lindt mmm. :)
  • I'm currently eating 6 eggs everyday, you guys have scared me to take a break :)


    how long should I break for and how frequent? Cheers!

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