Newbie Needing Help/direction Understanding If & Rflp

Hi I there might be other post similar to what I am about to ask so I want to apologize ahead of time. There is such an abundance of information which has been completely amazing to see but now that I have something in particular I’m trying to understand and searching all the posts it has become a little overwhelming.  L

 Can someone please explain to me the routine for both IF and RFLP. I’ve read on the bulletproof executive re: IF and as I read topics here I’ve seen people mention “re-feed day” and wanting to make sure whichever I pick to do I do this correctly.


I did also  find this for detoxing which I am completely looking forward to doing once I order the glutathione and a few other items.


I was diagnosed with SLE and Fibromyalgia 20 years ago when I was 18. Luckily have not had to start prednisone or any other medications but last year my NP thought I was showing signs or pre insulin resistance they started me on Metformin as a “preventive”. She prompted to discuss my medical history, my mom being diabetic and advising me of statistics showing cancer high in diabetics. My mom passed away from breast cancer June 2012 so I had decided to give it a go. After 1-3 months I decided to lose the meds and change my lifestyle and relatioship with food and go gluten and grain free. I have noticed such a difference. No more joint, muscle, body aches, no bloating and no cravings. We have been BP coffee fans since September/October and would love to take this to the next level.


Thank you for any guidance and information J


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