Good Music Or Videos To Watch For Work Motivation

Im sitting at my desk right now, I have work to do... But although I've had a BPC this morning I dont feel like doing the work..  I know I have to, and I know that I shouldn't be posting on here, but anywayyyy..


What I want to be able to do is lock in... Lock in to my task and suddenly be in "work mode" where all my brain waves change and my blood flow is optimised into a task machine and smash it out of the park with an occupational BOOM!! 


I sometimes use gamma waves, I cant really comment on their effectiveness tho, I sometimes use spotify and zone out with the hardest metal I can find (Unleashed are my new fav).. But there are videos out there that Ive watched kinda Tony Robbins-esque where after it I feel a definite shift in motivation and my general outlook about me and my abilities..Hmm


Apart from the smart drugs to help me do this, wondered if you guys use any music or videos or anything to make you motivated and inspired to work, not to work out but to get it done..







 \m/(>.<)\m/ - my rockband!! \m/(>.<)\m/


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