New Supplement Cytozyme Pt/hpt

Has anyone ever heard of Biotics Cytozyme PT/HPT? It's a supplement containing lamb pituitary and hypothalamus tissue. Since it contains this from Lamb -this directly affects and helps the performance of our own pituitary and hypothalamus -key players in the negative feedback loop which affect sour mood/irritability/PMS/fatigue/digestion/depression/hormonal imbalance.




This supplement is particularly useful in women who take birth control as it helps to combat the negative effects of birth control-i.e. hormonal imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, mood, etc...


Now I just learned about BC affecting the body by robbing it of Folic Acid and the B vitamins...


Was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this and if it could be considered BP?


Here's a link to the product:


I follow the BP diet and supplementation as Dave recommends


1-2 coffee's with am supplements: vitamin d, vitamin k, vitamin c, cod oil, L-carnitine, Vitamin B12


!st meal at 2 or 3 pm



2nd meal at 7 or 8pm and PM supplements: iodine, copper, selenium, calcium, zinc, magnesium


MCT oil and honey




Any thoughts and recommendations are welcome!



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