Whats An Average Feeding On The Bp Diet/eating Plan

I started doing this last thursday and dont have access to BPC, but I can make do. I'm not sure when or if to do a re-feed at any stage. Advice? Also I'm curious as to how much and what protein amounts (not in gms) people eat

Elaine in NZ


  • anyone??? pretty please? with butter on top? image/icon_razz.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-P' />
  • Your initial post is a bit confusing. What do you mean by "refeed"? As in carb refeed?
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    I actually meant what do people actually eat, %age wise... and type of food during the day, and yes whether you do a carb re-feed once a week?
  • and after a week on this type of 'diet' I have only lost 400grams, so I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong
  • so, after a week being 'bulletproof' I have lost 0 thats it folk 0 weight. I did notice this morning that i am in ketosis, so that may bode well for the next few days. I am surprised however that nothing has changed in a week.

    Results thus far:

    thursday 13th - 82.5kgs am

    friday 14th - 82.7kgs am

    saturday 15th 81.9kgs am

    sunday 81.7kgs am

    monday 82.1kgs am

    tuesday 82.2kgs am

    wednesday 82.2kgs am

    thursday 82.5kgs am

    It was looking good 4 days in, but then it went pear shaped. I need HELP, does anyone want to leap in and have a go?
  • I've been doing intermittent fasting alongside bulletproof, watching my carbs and trying to keep an eye on my calories ish (eating 2000-2600.) I've been losing somewhere around 1-3 pounds per week, fluctuating when I deviate. The deviation causes a big gain (especially with higher carbs) which stays on for a day or two as I go back to eating correctly. I'd recommend intermittent fasting if you're up for it, maybe eat from 1pm-9pm and fast the rest of the time. Good luck!
  • thanks john, I intermittent fast daily from last eating around 6pm to not eating til midday the next day, my carb count of late is around 50-70g daily, Monday was 48g. total calories 2788. I must be doing something wrong... no idea yet though. too much fat??? paleo track.com said I did 80% fat Monday, is that way too much?
  • how many times a week should u fast
  • It's only a week, give it a chance. I'm only on day two but years of eating a certain way isn't going to change eveyone overnight despite some of the stories on here. I'm giving it a solid 30 days and then I'll see where I'm at. Only weighing myself once a week as well. Try and relax and enjoy yourself image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' />
  • ok guys back, and after a week in fiji I only put on 1kg, but have found in the 2 weeks since then I have put on another 3kgs, and its going up!!! image/icon_e_sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-(' /> sad state of affairs. I have been looking at the food information on this site and keeping in the green 95% of the time. I dont do 'bad' stuff. how frustrating
  • No offence Calvin but your reply is useless

    If you are GAINING weight you are clearly eating too much. No calories are not the be all and end all but they DO matter somewhat.
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