Is There An Example Meal Plan For The First Week Or So?


I'm on day 3 of attempting the bulletproof diet. I would LOVE a step by step eat this now guide for the first week or so. I get that its a philosophy of cooking and I need to learn the principles and then experiment but I also like to follow instructions.

If anyone can point me towards a solid example of a 'perfect' days eating I would be very grateful.

I have bought the cookbook but it doesn't quite give me the precise 'day in the life of' example that I'm after.

Thanks in advance.


  • My day looks always like this

    Kale shake with kale, celery, oregano, cucumber, coconut oil, avocado, whey isolate (devide it over 2 meals)

    Meat, fat, veggies

    Meat, fat veggies

    Thats it, and after workout sweet potatoes.

    Pretty boring I know but health atm is only thing that matters for me and dont wanna waste too much time. Also I find it very tasty. If I would be able to handle it I would start my day with coffee and coconut oil but I figured thats a bad idea with cfs.
  • You can look at members that have posted pics of their lunch/dinner here:

    Not exactly a guide but shows you examples.

  • Not to bum you out.... but there is no such thing as a "PERFECT" day from anyone else except yourself... N=1... my "PERFECT" day could "f" your body up... and vice versa......

  • Thanks everyone - thats pretty straight forward.


    As far as vegies go, is it only the dark leafy greens that need to be lightly cooked?

    Also - I love fish and all kinds of seafood and would like to eat more of this than red meat & poultry - but I get the impression that I should be having more red meat than seafood/fish - is that right?  


    Thanks for your patience - the reason I'm doing this thing is to get my brain working properly so on day three I'm still not the fastest bullet in the barrel.

  • Hey don`t worry we are all here to learn and get updates. You`ll need guidance at first but like Megs the end you will have to let your body tell you just what makes you it all right for you. There are plenty of fixes along the way you can do with various detoxes and supplementation so don`t worry. Having a balanced diet of meat and fish would be better than seafood alone. Many here have been put off by the mercury found in some fish. The source of wild caught combined with fattier fishes often meet the mark. Sockeye salmon, mackerel, tuna and herring are spoken of a lot here. Many will tell you that the source of the waters where they are caught and how deep etc... will effect the quantity of mercury they might contain.  Eating grass fed meat also gives other sources of nutrients for the body. A variation. Grass fed and not grain fed are desired most but then here in the country where we live there is no such thing as 100% grass fed due to climate limitations and what the animals are fed in winter. Most of our cows are given silage at wintertime when the ground and grass is too hard and cold. All that said we have been told that the source of fish and meat should not put you off the diet at all. It`s far better using lesser grades of food quality as long as the food types are the ones recommended on Dave`s info-graphics (always better keeping to the green side).

    One other word of advise, look at Jason`s post above. He never mentioned carbs as such but he did mention starch....there are good starches to be eaten and there are bad ones to avoid. The important part is what we eat and when.

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