Why Am I Not Losing Weight ? :(

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I am bpc'ing in the morning with grass fed butter and mct oil, then more pre 12. My eating window is midday to 6pm, as i get up at 6am and coffee at that point. I have only lost 400 grams with this style of eating in 8 days. From what I've read thats probably WAY on the LOW side for this type of diet. Can anyone help me pinpoint where I am going wrong?

I play squash 4 x a week for an hour a time, and walk my dog for exercise.

Food wise I eat reasonably clean paleo, lots of good grass fed beef, normal grass fed cream,grass fed butter... almonds, walnuts (moderate amounts) big salads when the prices arent too high, brocolli, cauliflower etc.



in NZ


  • I didn't have much luck until I fully embraced the diet and all of its concepts. Dave stresses (perhaps not enough) finding your own food sensitivities. I'm currently working out if I can tollerate egg (yolk first, then whites). I know that I don't tollerate nightshades because if I eat a bunch of bell pepper, my body zips it through the digestive express lane. I know I don't tollerate grains because I gain 2-3 bounds and suddenly look 8 months pregnant when I tried to cheat with a little pie crust. I know I don't tollerate refined sugar because of the way it makes me feel for the next 2-3 days after I ate that creme brule.

    I know from personal experience "reasonably" clean paleo doesn't cut it. It takes me weeks to recover from eating wheat. But now that I've cleaned up my diet, I'm dropping 3-5 pounds a week with no change in activity. I know my progress is bound by a few factors: stress, sleep and phase. I have a stressful job and two young kids limiting my digestive efficiency and throwing my hormone balance off. My work, travel and family often disrupt my sleep schedule further reducing my digestive function and hormone balance as well as my physical and mental recovery. Lastly, I only have about 20 pounds to go, so I'm not looking to loose it all in 2 weeks.

    Another thing you might want to try is cutting out the squash. Intense exercise usually leads to inflammation. I know I can carry at least 5 pounds of inflammation weight.
  • hey thanks bill image/icon_e_smile.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-)' /> reasonably paleo=no sugar/grains/wheat for me, I have eaten this way for 9 months now, I do have canned tuna, as normal fish here is really expensive. However we do get grass fed beef/butter easily here. Now that we are coming into summer I may need to dial back the squash as it will get too hot to play, and walking may take over. I'm sure the dog will love it. I have 4 children under 8 and work full time so its a fairly busy schedule. I honestly think I eat clean image/icon_e_sad.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-(' /> Yesterday on paleotrack I logged in 49g protein 145g fat, 51g carbs so %age wise it is 12% 76%12% Does that sound fairly appropriate?
  • I'd avoid eating too much canned tuna, it can contain large amounts of mercury. If normal fish is expensive have you thought about getting a rod and catching your own? Tasty, freshly sourced and best of all...free!
  • I cant catch fish unfortunately, work gets in the way!, and family too!
  • I know that bulletproof is very heavy on Butter. You might have a dairy sensitivity. Try cutting out dairy for ~30 days. Reintroduce and see if you have issues. An okay alternative to grass fed butter in Bulletproof coffee is organic coconut oil. You can also try just using ghee as it's pretty common to have a reaction to dairy protein.
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    Canned tuna industry is all bad. 99% of canned tuna has soy oil, natural flavoring and canola oil.GMO or not those oils suck. Always assume the fish is farmed unless you get a letter from corporate saying otherwise. I write to corporation all the time to ask about ingredients and they are very fast on responding.
  • I got a food sensititvity test done, it helped. In Canada you can get it free via your doctor but they might now want to do it for you. Insist. They can test for up to 90 or so common foods. For those in the US and abroad I know that lifeextension.org has a test you can pay for. They send you a kit via the mail.
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