I Need Bp Coaching! What Am I Doing Wrong?

So fine, women shouldn't IF. But what should we do? How many carbs & when?  Refeeds?  I tell you, the longer I do this, the more confused I am! 

About a year ago, I lost all my extra weight doing the "men's version" of BP. Textbook following the diet- kerrygold, ordering my grassfed beef online, green side of the chart, Upgraded coffee, everything. I was new, I missed the women shouldn't IF blog at first. So I did BP coffee only until 2pm most days. I got down to goal weight & feeling (& looking) awesome. 

So then I heard I was doing several things wrong: I started doing refeeds 1 or 2 x a week after the creative live talks said I should. I added Upgraded collagen to my coffee a few mornings a week. I made myself eat a protein & fat breakfast a few morning a week. So now I have gained back 10 lbs, I am having hypoglycemic episodes/blood huge swings (those dizziness attacks that started this thread). and my adrenals are whacked. WTF? Is that delayed evidence of IF for women?  Do I go back to IF every morning because that seemed to work?? Am I just eating too much butter?  Should I cut out eggs (The only Virgin diet holdout for me.)? I am having trouble finding answers on the podcasts, the forum or anywhere else.   I need BP wisdom.

I am on bio identical hormones & thyroid, so those probably aren't really the issue.  I exercise a little, I'm a crazy busy mom, although I do WBV a few times a week & do occasional cardio intervals.  I bought a ketone meter & I am testing it all week first thing in the a.m. & 1pm, but I am still not certain how to play the ketosis game as a woman. I tested this morning at .5 ketones & 48 blood sugar, then later today after just bacon & BP coffee so far, as 1.5 ketones (!) and 55.  

So can anyone help me? I feel like I am doing everything right & it's going all wrong! I am so uncomfortable. Can anyone help me?  


  • Hey there. Just a question - if the "men's" version of BIF was working, why'd you change it up? If you're tracking all of your blood and health markers and that diet is working for you, I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Hi Debrawy,

    Like JonnyV said, I haven't been here for a while, but I don't believe there is a mens version of IF as such, I have heard that Rapid Fat loss really messes with women, and maybe IF also.

    But if the original version worked, why change?

    Especially with the statement - I got down to goal weight & feeling (& looking) awesome. 

    Just go back to what you were doing end enjoy the awesomeness :-)

    I have lost about 25 kg (62 pounds) in the last 12 months, however I stopped about 4 months ago and can't budge now.

    Although I haven't put any back on again.


    Just enjoy the loss and go back to what worked, don't do things because people suggest them, something works for you stay on it until it stops and then try something else.


    See Ya



  • My impression is that women need to do a refeed twice a week where men do one.  Do note that this does not include after workout carb snacks.  I echo the thoughts of what others have said: it sounds like you are keto adapted and need to go back to what works.  As for the eggs, I gave them up myself as I had some dry skin issues and to be honest I don't think eggs are the culprit in my case.  I think eggs are fine for most so long as you cook them optimally which in my mind is the 3 minute egg style(quite soft boiled).

  • I'll be interested to hear her results, Jason.


  • Don`t envy the keto rash at all....eeeeow....Can you tell us and explain your thinking on what the difference is here between a refeed after a period of time on BP diet and your comparrison on hitting purple and a backload refeed (other than getting to that stage through low carbs)? Also for the record can you simplify the macro change and calorie increase by example. Just what is 30-20-50 training and a 30-7-63 rest exactly?  1800ish cal is the total intake a day presumably....yeah think we get that part.

  • okay so with a daily calories of 1800ish cals that would be:

    1 gram carb = 4 cal           20% of 1800 divided by 4 = grams of carb

    1 gram protein = 4 cal       30% of 1800 divided by 4= gram of pro

    1 gram fat = 9 cal              50% of 1800 divided by 9 = gram of fat


    does that seem right? figuring out macro % never been our forte on a no counting BP Diet....lol.

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