Want Proof Emf From Your Phone F$#%s Your Sleep?

I accidently slept with my sleep cycle app without the phone on airplane mode.... WORST NIGHT EVER.... sweating all night, could not fall asleep, got up at least 3-4 x... weird dreams..... and never got in DEEP sleep according to the app......


  • I hear ya....  Once you have been use to resucing and eliminating EMF I seem to be more sensitive as well....  And I do lots to eliminate and reduce EMF at home and especialy at night during sleep.

    - Dan
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  • That's not exactly proof, but I hear ya - I forgot to do airplane mode once too and I got dehydrated.

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress
    See if you can repeat it!
  • Have someone else manipulate the phone, either put it in airplane mode or take it out of, and not tell you. Single blind if you will..

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