Getting Off The Booze

I'm a brand new listener and have been eating up the podcasts and getting inspired. Thank you.

Apparently I've been drinking alcohol every night for the last couple of months. And smoking cigarettes.

In the past I have quit smoking and everything else follows-- drinking is not as pleasurable, etc.


I'm ready to get cleaned up again. I want to live a long life and I want the clarity I'm hearing about possible with the Bulletproof Life.


Last night I didn't drink any alcohol and then layed in bed for 4 hours not able to sleep. Finally at 3 am, got up and made myself a cocktail (good vodka thanks to bulletproof as opposed to wine or beer my norm).


So here's the question. What is the best way to wean myself off booze? I just don't feel like a hard stop is going to work. What can I introduce into my diet? What supplements?


Honestly, I feel like this is all so much information it is challenging to integrate and I'd like to come up with some solid meal plans and drinks that I can make easily before I go cold turkey. If I stop drinking at night, and definitely if I stop tobacco, I'm going to be stressed anyway so to add to that the stress of "is this OK to eat?" is too much.


What are some recomendations to get myself off the booze and still be able to fall asleep?


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    For sleeping try to blackout your room (by blackout I mean not the drinking way :D ) and take 300-400 mg magnesium and 200 mg potassium and generally wind down, try leaving the daily stress behind, meditate.



    check this topic out


    It will be tough initially but it will be worth it (you know this yourself but I figured I write it down anyway) so don't give up!

    It doesn't get easier... It's you who gets better.


    Is your social worker in that horse?


    Success has a price, not a secret.

  • Thanks for the responses. Lot's of different ways to approach this. Don't sleep on these posts for beginners (heh heh):

  • Write down your goal every morning. Even better, write an entire page every morning about how well you're doing on sticking to your goal and how important this is to you. Will take you five minutes. No need to ever re-read them. The important thing is that you're now telling your subconscious that you no longer want this habit in your life and that you are much happier with the absence of it. Starting a new beneficial nightly "ritual" will definitely help. Magnesium before bed is fantastic. Meditation before bed is fantastic. As well as a nice caffeine free herbal tee. I personally take a cold shower before bed most nights but maybe hot showers are your thing and making sure you have a long one right before bed will be your trigger to turn down. Try not to watch tv, watch or read any unpleasant news, or do anything to get your excitement up, within a couple hours of bed. Fiction books are an amazing sleeping pill. I'm currently reading Moby Dick before bed. It's a classic but at the end of the night it doesn't take too long for me to pass out from reading it. There are also many audio "programs" I guess you could call them that are a kind of guided meditation that leads you to sleep. They work. Take a look at YouTube: "Pzizz." This might sound a bit unorthodox to some, but fuck that..... LOTS and LOTS of self love. Every time you turn down the urge to drink, love the fuck out of yourself. Kiss yourself. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Flex your biceps. Whatever the hell you need to do to make yourself feel like the man and even more importantly start being your best friend again, will ultimately get you to where you want to go. 


    I've never had a drinking problem but I did have a (bad) caffeine addiction that I quit cold turkey before. Bad caffeine as in years of abuse from pre workouts, cheap energy drinks, and cheap coffee. It was brutal. For over a month it was straight flu symptoms but if you just keep reminding yourself why you chose to quit in the first place, it's doable. A lot of times you have to be very uncomfortable before your break through to something. I quit cold turkey and didn't have caffeine for three months and after it was out of me and I was feeling good, I mindfully chose to introduce high quality and normal quantity amounts of coffee back into my life. To this day, I love my Bulletproof coffee and I reap the benefit that quality caffeine can provide, but I'm not a slave to it anymore.


    Best wishes!

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  • MoReal please be careful.  I worked as an alcoholism researcher for years (while quietly dealing with my own alcohol issues).  Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal.  Drinking every night for the past 2 months is very serious.  Seek medical help if you are unable to sleep one night without a drink.  MrHerget is spot on with the self-love advice.  Write yourself a letter about why you are worth this effort even if you don't believe it at first you will.  There is plenty of time to get "bulletproof" and you will feel amazing, but please tread carefully with eliminating alcohol and focus on that first.  Best wishes!

  • In order to get past this, you have to make sure you don't have alcohol handy.  You are using it as medicine.  Everyone has some kind of vice in life so don't beat yourself up.  That being said, you have to remove the access to unhealthy choices in order to succeed.  There are many natural sleep aids out there.  As you lay there not sleeping, just relax and if you don't fall asleep just focus on resting.  If need be, get help from a doctor to sleep temporarily.  Try to adjust your diet to keep sugars to a minimum so that you don't provoke cravings.  Lots of butter, good protein, and veggies.  Only drink coffee in the morning so as not to interfere with sleep.  Some people are more sensitive than others with caffeine so experiment to see what works to improve sleep.  Buteyko breathing might help you as well.  Nip yawning in the bud.  Try to get outside and ground yourself before going to bed. 

  • if you truly want something you just do it. Everything else is an excuse. Talk to the man in the mirror, only he knows what you you really want. Once you determine the answer, you just do it, no more questions required.
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    warning as said above Don't quit suddenly if you are a heavy drinker (ie daily liqor) you can get deadly delirium tremens, taper down with beer or something as described here


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