Bacon-Wrapped Cube Steak & Cauliflower/sweet Potato Mash

Hey guys,


(click here for a few pics)


I just wanted to post this meal that I had, which is probably my favorite to date since going BP.


It was all just a bit of kitchen magic mostly because I wasn't following any recipe, just going where the food took me haha.


Anyway, I took some grass-fed cube steak, folded them in half with a big hunk of Kerry Gold GF butter, wrapped them in bacon, and cooked them on medium heat until done. I did use a tiny bit of butter to grease the pan, and might have seared the meat in a couple places, but I think this was as un-bulletproof as this dish got.


Also, I had an epiphany to steam some cauliflower and sweet potato, toss them in my blender with some sea salt and ghee, and it came out FAN-TABULOUS! I'm sure I'm not the first to try this, but I had never tried it and it worked out amazing.


So yeah, give these a try if you can. It was amazing!




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