Hrv Sense App With The Heartmath Inner Balance Sensor?



Will the Bulletproof HRV Sense app for iOS work with the Heartmath Inner Balance Sensor for iOS that uses the Lightning connector?  If not, does anyone know if there are any plans to make them compatible?





  • They are not compatible and don't work together.  Even their data means different things.  You could be in the green zone on your IB sensor and still show up as in high stress on the HRV sense app - the FAQ on Sweetbeat's site explains why this is.  They understand that people use them both together, but there are no plans that I know of to ever integrate them.


    On the other hand, Dave is an advisor to the HeartMath Institute and is now a business partner with Sweetbeat so who knows?

  • I got a Polar H7 chest strap off ebay for the HRV stuff. it's bluetooth so also works with the free polar app. Unfortunately also have to use the inner balance sensor for the training app.


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