Not Accepting Conventional Wisdom (Jj Virgin/dr. Mercola's Video)

Did any of you catch this video?  It went out in Dr. Mercola's daily email, and then JJ Virgin posted in on Facebook today. 


The great take-away is that none of us have to accept conventional wisdom.  This is about Grant Virgin's near-fatal accident and brain injury, and JJ Virgin's refusal to accept the doctor's opinion as gospel.  Of course, JJ has great connections with cutting edge medical professionals who gave her the best possible advice (Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mercola, plenty of others).  But I think it's a great model for the rest of us who may be faced with needing to advocate for our own or a loved one's medical care.




  • My grandson nearly died and was in serious condition for over a year with very low platelets.  The only solution offered was to remove his spleen.  We took matters in to our own hands and within a few months, had his platelets nearly normal.  With the Doctor snorting down our necks still wanting to do it his way, we finally found a sympathetic doctor to explain what we had done.  Interestingly, when we briefly stopped our treatment, the platelets crashed again.  We now have an appointment with some specialists who have been told not to mess with what we are doing!!

  • @PARKER Please share what steps you took to get your grandson's platelets back to normal. My father has just been denied surgery because his platelets where too low, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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