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A biohacker's dream for storing bitcoins and doing other things: http://www.getnymi.com/



  • you just like that cuase his name is Steve lol. Pretty cool indeed. What i don't like though is the privacy give ups that likely come with it, and also the EMFs, which I already get to much of form my cell, wifi, and the thousands of others that bombard me daily. But the concept is super cool.

  • Dusty, do low energy bluetooth devices give off EMFs? I ordered one of these for a variety of reasons (thanks for the link Steve!) and just interested. I also have a handful of iBeacons sitting on my desk and maybe they're doping me up too? :P


    As far as the Nymi, first off I have a corporate policy on my iPhone, because I load my Exchange email on it, that requires a complex password. If this thing can help me avoid that, I'd love it. (I kind of doubt it will, at least until Apple might integrate it, but maybe...)


    Second, I'm also a big Bitcoin fan and helping to secure wallets with this thingy might be sweet.


    Third, it may be an interesting thing to tinker with programming-wise. There are some interesting Bitcoin-related projects, particularly Ethereum (ethereum.org) that may be interesting to work with on identity management.

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