Game Meat


I'm wondering how game meats such as venison, pheasant, rabbit, pigeon, partridge, mallard, teal or widgeon fit into the bulletproof diet. My guess is that they would be pretty far to the left (green) side of the diet, but any comments would be welcome.

Thank you!


  • Wild pigeon soup is great - I used to have it as a kid. However, there isn't much meat on it and I don't think I will touch a city pigeon...

    I am concerned about zoonotic diseases in my area - we have a problem with foot-and-mouth-disease. You might have to consult farmers and butchers in your area to find out if there are any concerns.

    Personally, I would keep to healthy beef - just because I would like to preserve our wild life.
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    Venison, as deers are grazing/foraging animals, would be pretty good I imagine, though they are a very lean animal. Good as a protein source, not so much as a fat source. Baste in butter.
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