Bulletproof Coffee Every Day?

Have been using BP coffee over the past year and love it.  My recipe is  2-3 tbps of Organic Valley Pasture butter ( 7-8 drops of vanilla flavored stevia with a hand blender.  Yes, the butter is salted, but I can't taste it, and it blows away the taste of Kerrygold.


I do notice a crash after drinking BP coffee that usually kicks in around 2-3pm if I start drinking around 8-9am and finish by 11am.  It's different from typical coffee which causes me to crash an hour later.  It can be best described as me slowing down and getting grumpy... and it's particularly bad when I've had coffee the previous day.  Now I have at least a 1 day break in between my coffee days to help with this.


Dave mentioned on a few of his podcasts that he drinks it every day... not sure how he does it without burning out his adrenals and crashing hard.  Anyone else here drink coffee every day without issue?  Curious to hear if others drink BP coffee daily without issue, or if you all experience the same side effects.



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