World's Best Bulletproof Pancakes

Everyone loves to have breakfast for dinner, espically kids. Make these and your whole family will think you are a wizard in the kitchen.


1- Organic Banana

2- Pasture Raised Eggs

Dash- Upgraded Vanilla

1/2 cup cooked bacon cut into little pieces

Little Bit of Bacon Grease


  1. Cut up the banana into thin slivers into a big bowl. Making them thin will make it easy to mix
  2. Add the eggs and dash of Upgraded Vanilla
  3. Mix it up with a fork until it feels like pancake batter
  4. Grab a pan and add a spoon of bacon grease
  5. Set temp to low
  6. Let the grease warm up
  7. Pour in batter & then sprinkle as much bacon as you see fit. (A lot is normal!!)

It will take a little getting used to, however, when you get it down, there is nothing better. That's why they are "Worlds Best". :-)




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