Lipoprotein-A (High Levels)

I have a question on some recent lab work. I will spare everyone of posting all the lab work and a list of my diet and supplements and then asking for an interpretation. Here's the basics. I eat a strict BP diet, exercise moderately and I am a 25 year old caucasian male. 


Total Cholesterol - 180 mg/dL

LDL - 119 mg/dL

HDL - 51 mg/dL

Triglycerides - 49 mg/dL

vLDL-C - 10 mg/dL

Lipoprotein-a - 126 nmol/L

Apo-B - 83 mg/dL


I am not at all concerned about about my LDL despite it being out of range, my HDL has increased from the upper 30s where I was at before starting the BP diet and my LDL has increased a little bit with it. My concern is Lipoprotein-a, the "healthy" range is supposed to be below 75 and I am more than double that.


Should I be concerned? I have done some research on this but research outside this site can be difficult because according to common knowledge I should eat more "heart healthy grains" and try to lower my LDL.


Thank in advance for any knowledge or resources provided.


  • Thanks for the info, I actually hadn't read much about it being genetically determined. I had these results done through WellnessFX so I actually haven't talked to a doctor about it. I started researching this at the end of my day yesterday and after reading "eat heart healthy grains" over and over again in my search I decided it was time to reach out to my BP community. I believe I have listened to that podcast but I will definitely go back and check it out again, thanks!

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