Ask Dave Anything! Questions To Be Answered On Future Podcasts

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Hi everyone!


Dave wants to reach out to the forum to get your burning biohacking questions to be answered on future podcasts!


Please post any questions you have for Dave on this thread, and the Bulletproof team will curate the most popular questions for him to answer during a short segment at the end of each podcast episode.


Anything is on the table! Questions pertaining to the Bulletproof Diet, Bulletproof Coffee, upgrading brain power, how to use various supplements, and anything else you would like to ask is fair game!


Remember to click "Like" posts by others if you would also like to hear Dave's answer to a particular question. It will help us organize these in the best way possible!


Thank you!


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    There used to be a sticky for this. It was huge. Is it gone now?

  • Dave, where is the 4-star dragonball?

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    God, I have so many!


    1) Salt Consumption: A long-running thread in the BP community is supplementation with salt. Some forumers have noted however that Dave's cited study from Lancet, which showed no deleterious effects from salt consumption, was withdrawn, and that Lancet had posted a new study saying that salt supplementation may be harmful in the long-term. So, what's the straight-talk on salt? I've been loading up my food with pink himalayan salt for a while now, but might have to go a little easier on the salt-shaker from here on out. I only eat about a Tablespoon of salt a day or so, but if it's going to hurt me in the long-run, I may have to taper down to a lesser dose per day.



    I'll try and think of some others...

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    Dave, where is the 4-star dragonball?




    Holy SHIT, I lol'd. Just spilled coffee all over the place. Oh, good.

    "I know how to despise mere cool intelligence. What I want is intelligence matched by pure, physical existence, like a statue." --Yukio Mishima


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    Can the moderator confirm that's a proper BP staff member before everyone starts pouring out their questions? :-D

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    Well, this thread got stickied, so I imagine it's legit.

    "I know how to despise mere cool intelligence. What I want is intelligence matched by pure, physical existence, like a statue." --Yukio Mishima


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  • Athletes on a Budget: Top 3 supplement recommendation besides BP products (brands please)


    Adrenal Fatiguers on a Budget: Top 3 Supplement recommendation besides BP products (Brands please)


    Do dosages of most supplements matter according to body weight?

  • I mix l-glutamine and upgraded collagen together. Do the two supplements "compete with each other," similar to how collagen and whey protein do?


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    OK, here's a question I've had for a while. Haven't been able to find an answer to it, so hey, maybe Dave can take a stab at it. Sorry if it's an uncomfortable topic, but since we're all about optimization...


    In regards to Bulletproof sex, do you have any hacks for male enhancement? I've heard about stuff like jelqing, but don't know whether it's legitimate or not. There are a lot of anecdotal accounts out there, but it's hard to come to any conclusions. What are your thoughts on male enhancement? Is it possible to do naturally? Any techniques, supplements or other hacks you know of that increase penis size?

    "I know how to despise mere cool intelligence. What I want is intelligence matched by pure, physical existence, like a statue." --Yukio Mishima


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  • I'd like to hear an intelligent debate on the merits vs. the hazards of coffee. Dave could debate Sara Gottfried and/or Daniel Amen.


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    Why do you insist on calling MCT-related diarrhea "disaster pants?"

    Which one of the following do you prefer the most:

    Upgraded Bum Octane,

    40 Years of Crap in 7 seconds, or

    Bulletproofing your Butthole.

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  • whats the deal with oxalic acid? are the blended soup recipes in upgraded chef likely lead to oxalic acid buildup if eaten on a regular basis? what veggies do you think are healthy to eat raw on a regular basis? are there any veggies with skin that you don't peel?


    why are you opposed to releasing any lab results showing that upgraded coffee is free of any of the more commonly known mycotoxins or comparing it to other brands of coffee?

  • hybridhybrid Cateye vs Isolation

    Dave more on adrenal fatigue more bulletproof tips. How to avoid it. You mentioned recovering from it and maintaining the diet and a cup of coffee a day. I remember you recommend a supplement on that podcast also.



  • Dave, over a year ago -- on your first visit on the Bryan Callen Podcast Show -- you said that you have sample chocolate bars ready to go. You haven't released them yet, so what's up? :)

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    In the past, you have talked about shining red LED lights at your forehead in order to increase blood flow to that particular area. Would a Tendlite®, a popular product used for joint pain reliefbe an effective and safe option for that purpose? I don't have the bread to afford the Focus Brain Trainer, unfortunately. 

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    1. Dave, do you have an overarching principle when it comes to pharmaceuticals/synthetic compounds vs. "natural cures." You like modafinil and it seems like you take synthetic testosterone over longjack etc. And on the Fowlkes podcast you mentioned taking a T3 med, which presumably is instead of desiccated thyroid. But you also don't seem trust the FDA/pharma community all that much, especially with drugs like statins. Is it just chemicals are chemicals, and pharmaceuticals have more reliable dosages? Varies with problem to problem? Natural is nice but it just doesn't cut it sometimes? 


    2. What's the bulletproofiest vegetarian diet? I know you've mentioned that you're planning on talking about this, but it never seems to be a priority. Which makes total sense given the structure of the BP diet. But if you answered this (especially as a blog post) we could send all vegetarian forum newbies over there instead of continually restarting the ethics debate. And it's something we could give to our veggie/vegan friends. (And selfishly I want to know this because I can't seem to put dead things in my mouth despite agreeing that eating animals can be ethical. I'm a weird case.) 

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    Two questions:


    1. Will you provide some free 40 years of zen sessions to some dedicated forum members?

    2. Why not? ;-)


    But seriously, what are the main things we need to be aware of if we are regular consumers of bulletproof coffee? For example, the coffee/cortisol link and the fatty liver issue are both very relevant. 

  • Does Dave ever take tolerance breaks for bulletproof coffee / modafinil ?


    These are great tools to hold the bulletproof diet together, but they lose effectiveness if taken aggressively, what's Daves strategy for keeping them working good?

  • I could have sworn Dave went on record as saying that we shouldn't drink BPC every day because it loses its 'oomph', as is the case with virtually everything. Others are adamant that he never contended such a thing.


    Good question. 

    These are great tools to hold the bulletproof diet together, but they lose effectiveness if taken aggressively, what's Daves strategy for keeping them working good?

  • What's the science behind the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol?
  • ZenfoodZenfood ɹǝqɯǝɯ pǝɔuɐʌp∀
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    Have you ever tried Abelards TULIP protocol? and do you consume chaga mushroom? if not, why the hell not? I do and it is really popular here in Finland. The ORAC values are crazy. It has about 25-50x more Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) enzyme than CoQ10.

  • I've heard Dave mention he carries butter with him in case of emergency when he's hungry. What would Dave do (should we start selling WWDD bracelets?) in a case where he doesn't have butter or any BP products on him?

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  • Specifically, what mold/mycotoxins and vitamins does activated charcoal bind?


    Specifically, what mold/mycotoxins and vitamins does bentonite clay bind?

    How about similar info on other binders?

    I ask because I recently narrowly escaped a toxic mold living area. While I was in it, I felt awesome 30 mins+ after taking bentonite clay, but a much less effect or no noticeable effect taking activated charcoal (upgraded variety). I speculate that they bind different toxins and I had specific toxins which clay bound to.

    It's all relative.

  • Collagen -

    I'm really interested in this as I'm losing a ton of weight and I'm concerned about the loose skin / stretch marks that are showing up.

    I don't want to be one of those people that are like, "Dave says it's good, buy it." So can you talk about why your collagen is better than some if buy at the store or at a vitamin shop?
  • Specific devices/protocols for Light Hacking, as mentioned on Part 2 of the recent Steve Fowkes podcast.


    Seems like this is a cheap and effective thing that lots of people can access, and something that lots of people would benefit from (optimising mitochondria).


    Specifically, whole brain or intra-nasal LED protocols, and complementary supplements (Oxygen? Shijalit/PQQ/CoQ10?). Thoughts on the TULIP protocol.

  • Dave, on a couple of podcast episodes, you mentioned your muscles growing significantly larger (and held up one of your biceps in each podcast to show the growth) and the only thing you're doing is electrical stimulation.


    Specifically, what electrical stimulation are you doing? Product you're using? Reasons why it works?


    Are you seeing fat loss along with muscle growth?  And are you measuring each, so you know how much growth has occurred from a baseline?



  • In an earlier blog post, you recommended brain training/optimization at:



    What are the pros/cons of this training compared to NeurOptimal, which you also recommend, compared to 40 years of Zen that you talk about?


    Do you still recommend all three, and should one be done first, then second and third, to gain the most benefit, as they build on one another?


    Or is any one of the three no longer needed, due to another being far better and covering many or all of the same bases, so to speak?

  • I'd like to hear Dave's opinion and knowlegde around 'super'-mushrooms like chaga, lions mane, reishi, cordyceps, shitake and maitake when you make proper extracts of them!

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